ABB’s Modular Microgrid, Enel’s Disruptive Energy Tech, Mercedes Benz Home Storage

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ABB seeks partners to trial new modular microgrid

modular microgridABB plans to make a modular microgrid widely available at the end of 2017 that is suited to remote communities, extreme environments and places that lack access to reliable grid power.

The MGS100 is also designed for small commercial and industrial facilities with inconsistent grid supply, so can help boost social and economic development, according to the company.

ABB describes the product as bringing together into a single device all the components required for a sustainable microgrid. It can employ renewable energy, including solar plus storage, prioritizing solar by day, switching into battery mode at night, and using an AC generator if the battery runs out.

Encased in a single container, the MGS100 has three power ratings – 20 kW, 40 kW, 60 kW nominal load power. Because it’s modular and scalable, the microgrids capacity can be increased when required. The system has islanding capability and can be connected to a central grid.

ABB is seeking partners to trial the modular microgrid. For further information about the product and trial opportunities contact Erika Velazquez, global product marketing manager microgrid,

Enel launches division to foster disruptive energy tech
modular microgrid

Francesco Starace, Enel Group CEO

Italian energy giant Enel, owner of U.S.-based microgrid and distributed energy company Demand Energy, has launched a new business line to develop customer-centric, innovative products and both non-commodity and digital solutions.

Called E-Solutions, the new unit will be headed by Francesco Venturini, who has run Enel Green Power for three years. It will operate globally in all markets where Enel already has a presence and may move into new geographies.

E-Solutions will focus on distributed generation, electric mobility, vehicle to grid projects, recharging infrastructure, energy efficiency management, batteries and energy optimization platforms and public lighting.

“Evolutions in technology present new possibilities, offering value to those who do not fear them,” said Enel Group CEO Francesco Starace.

Enel has been working for three years on a new strategic vision, he said, which calls upon the company “to open energy to new uses, new ways of managing energy for people, and new technologies, amongst many other things.”

“This is the basis upon which we are moving forward with the execution of our new strategic plan, and in particular in helping to deliver against our two key value drivers, customer focus and digitization,” he said. “The launch of the E-Solutions global business line therefore represents an important, strategic step forward for Enel.”

Mercedes-Benz Energy and Vivint Solar to offer solar plus storage for US homes

Mercedes-Benz Energy and Vivint Solar team up to bring automotive battery innovation to the U.S. residential solar market. (PRNewsfoto/Vivint Solar)

Mercedes-Benz Energy and Vivint Solar are partnering to bring the Mercedes-Benz home energy storage system to solar customers in the United States.

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The energy storage system will consist of modular 2.5 kWh batteries that can be combined to create a system as large as 20 kWh, making it easy to scale and tailor to individual customer profiles, the companies said.

Vivint Solar will customize systems based on the customer’s individual energy consumption needs, providing consumers with a tool to help them manage their energy costs while using solar.

The pairing will offer the home solar plus storage system in California first.

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