Here you will find a series of microgrid reports and research from the editorial team of Microgrid Knowledge. These microgrid reports are available for free download.

5 Steps to Develop Microgrids Easier, Faster and at Less Cost

microgrid developers, hardware, integration

To help avoid the pain points that can wreck the financial and operational assumptions for a project and turn a win-win into a lose-lose for developers and their customers, Microgrid Knowledge has prepared this five-part special report, a microgrid developers guide, made available for free download, courtesy of Siemens.

How Hardware in the Loop Addresses Challenges of Microgrid System Integration

hardware in the loop microgrid system integration microgrid controller

Microgrids play a key role in transforming the energy landscape, but Microgrid projects face several technical challenges that can impact cost and schedule performance. Get the new special report on how Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing and model-based engineering techniques provide an effective way to address those challenges, courtesy of Typhoon HIL.

Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry

Solar energy has the ability to provide immense benefit to society and the grid. But solar’s full potential isn’t being fully realized. Get the new report designed to help boost awareness and understanding of solar nanogrids, courtesy of Instant ON.

The Genius of Microgrids in Higher Education

microgrids as teaching tools

U.S. colleges and universities have taken the lead in fighting climate change, and setting ambitious sustainability and renewable energy goals. Now, add a new challenge: the need for reliable and resilient energy. Get the new Micogrid Knowledge Special Report, in partnership with Siemens, that explains how microgrids in higher education can help flip these problems into opportunities to prepare the workforce for the emerging new energy economy, while yielding low cost, reliable and clean sources of energy.

Microgrids for Hospitals and Healthcare

microgrids in hospitals

Microgrids are one of the fastest growing sectors within the electric power industry, and they are poised for even wider adoption in the wake of recent events. Download this report to learn how hospital and healthcare facilities can benefit from Microgrid adoption.

How Microgrids are Changing the Paradigm on Data Center Power Delivery, Uptime, and Efficiency

Uptime and performance are critical for data centers, but they can not continue to rely on diesel generators for reliable backup power, especially as they respond to price pressure and environmental sensibilities. Download the new special report that explores why microgrid use is on the rise and how microgrids improve resiliency, uptime, and a data center’s environmental profile.

Why Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids are the Logical Next Step for California — and the Rest of the US


California often serves as a bellwether and now it’s ringing an alarm about a new electric grid vulnerability. While hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes have been chief perpetrators of widespread US power outages in the past, an even more devastating foe has emerged in California: wildfires. As other states brace for the impact of climate change, they watch California and wonder: Are they next? But there may be a cost-effective solution —the energy-as-a-service microgrid. Download the new special report from Microgrid Knowledge and AlphaStruxure that highlights how this increasingly popular model works, and what benefits it can offer your business.

The Financial Decision-Makers Guide to Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids

A new energy-as-a-service (EaaS) model has emerged that simplifies microgrid development and ownership for organizations. EaaS relieves the microgrid host from operational and financial risk—but guarantees them the benefits. A new special report from Microgrid Knowledge and Schneider Electric explores in detail the new model for energy-as-a-service microgrids.