Studying microgrid feasibility in outage-prone Wisconsin

With Wisconsin customers experiencing outages more often due to high winds, winter storms and spring and summer flooding, Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has completed microgrid feasibility studies that identify options for a monastery, school, wastewater treatment plant and police department. Jared Leader, director, resilience, SEPA, … [Read more...]

California urged to move faster on $200 million in microgrid incentives

With power outages becoming a routine worry for many Californians, several groups last week pushed state regulators to act quickly on microgrid incentives — which are now more than a year in the making. “This program was designed and decided in early 2021, yet parties have spent months debating the implementation details,” said the Microgrid … [Read more...]

Now available! View Microgrid 2022 on demand

If you couldn’t attend Microgrid 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this past June, good news. We captured every session on video and it’s now available for you to view on demand. Each of the panel discussions, breakout sessions, workshops and keynote addresses can be accessed through the links below or via the Microgrid Knowledge video … [Read more...]

Update: Climate bill — which could cut microgrid costs 10% to 50% — passes US Senate on Sunday

“This is a big, big deal,” said Cameron Brooks, executive director of Think Microgrid about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), an inflation and climate bill that’s now before Congress and expected to cut microgrid costs. His comments echoed the views of numerous microgrid industry members. “Combining all the impacts, this bill will cut the … [Read more...]

How this standardized process gets solar microgrids built; community microgrids next

Microgrid developers often lament the lack of standardization in the development process. Now a California non-profit says it has found a model for moving solar microgrids forward based on some successful projects including a microgrid project for the Santa Barbara schools. The Clean Coalition — which seeks to bring clean energy, including … [Read more...]

Look at these microgrid funding options — and think big

A number of federal, state and military programs may provide microgrid funding options, said participants in a recently released video of a Microgrid 2022 panel, “Making Microgrids a Building Block of U.S. Infrastructure and Climate Goals.” But be aware: such funding programs — including climate action plans — don’t necessarily use the word … [Read more...]

Graduating Beyond the Basics: The Latest Microgrid Innovations for Campuses

In this video, you'll learn about the latest innovations in campus microgrids from the experts designing, installing and managing three impressive projects. First, Justin Nieves of Scale Microgrid Solutions gives a preview of a Washington, D.C., microgrid that will accomplish the unusual feat of serving its host — a university for deaf and hard … [Read more...]

How to Bring Maximum Microgrid Value to Utilities and Their Customers

Utilities offer an array of value-added services for their customers, among them microgrids. But developing a utility microgrid is not always easy given the regulatory constraints utilities face. Utilities talk about the hurdles they face and the solutions they’ve found to make their microgrids a reality. Nathan Johnson of Arizona State … [Read more...]

What the Last Two Days Taught Us about the Future of Microgrids: Insights from the Leaders

This is the final session of the Microgrid 2022 conference. In this video, you'll hear from a powerhouse panel of industry leaders as they reflect on the information presented during the conference and share their thoughts on the future of microgrids. This discussion is moderated by Ken Horne and includes a question and answer session recorded … [Read more...]

Why Microgrids Are Becoming Important to Military Missions

The US military has advanced microgrids more than any other branch of government and now the Army plans to equip all of its bases with microgrids by 2035. Why is gaining energy independence, security and sustainability so important to the military and what kind of microgrid development will it pursue in the coming years? Nicole Bulgarino of … [Read more...]