The Rise of Energy on Wheels

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Two US energy companies have become the latest to offer a mobile energy system that allows a microgrid or batteries to move where needed at any given time.

mobile energy system

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Called Nomad Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD), the new product is a joint venture of Northern Reliability and KORE Power. NOMAD is being offered in three sizes: 600 kWh, 1 MWh and 2 MWh.

Demand for mobile energy appears to be on the rise. California recently solicited $14 million for mobile, renewable energy systems to combat public safety power shutoffs.

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In addition to domestic wildfire relief, wheeled energy systems are being used in rugged, remote conditions all over the world. 

Many uses for the mobile energy system

After islandwide power outages in 2018, the US Army deployed mobile batteries to Puerto Rico that allowed field staff to access the power through a custom microgrid app. 

Likewise, the US Army Corps of Engineers has utilized mobile microgrids in Africa that can be carried by four individuals.  

Sesame-Solar is also promoting nanogrids that can be pulled by pickup trucks to power broadband in rural areas of the US that lack adequate internet connectivity. 

NOMAD as aid in disaster relief

The NOMAD system is a utility-scale portable energy storage product designed for easy “plug and play” integration. 

Introduced as an alternative to traditional fixed-site systems, the NOMAD platform seeks to help utilities and large organizations eliminate the carrying costs, risks and ongoing maintenance concerns associated with stationary energy storage. 

The portable system can aid in disaster relief with the ability to deliver electricity directly to an emergency.  

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  1. Peterson Power Systems is a leader in providing mobile emergency power solutions. For the 2020 Public Safety Power Shutoffs in CA, Peterson Power Systems provided over 150 MW of microgrid capacity running on renewable fuel. Significant weather events due to climate change are challenging the established norms. Additionally, as the power grid becomes less reliable due to increased amounts of intermittent renewable generation (solar and wind) and less base load generation (gas and nuclear), the need for portable solutions and microgrids in general will increase significantly. We see a HUGE portable generation and microgrid market in California and throughout the western United States.

  2. “NOMAD is being offered in three sizes: 600 kWh, 1 MWh and 2 MWh.”

    Beware, if TESLA figures out this is a proper business model, it could be possible to take an efficiently designed and tuned megapack in an 18 wheeler trailer, haul it to a site with the TESLA class 8 truck and drop it off for plug and play into switching stations, small communities and distributed micro-grids.