Wisconsin energy efficiency incentives program offers businesses up to $400,000

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A Wisconsin energy efficiency incentives program has issued a solicitation offering funding to businesses that need assistance with their energy saving projects.

Focus on Energy, which partners with Wisconsin utilities, is accepting proposals from large energy users for its LEUP General Competitive Energy Efficiency Incentive.

This once-a-year offering lets companies propose an incentive that will boost large, energy-saving projects. It differs from Focus on Energy’s custom or prescriptive Incentives in that it offers the following benefits:

• Payback minimum – projects can qualify down to a one-year payback, with the incentive

• Electric incentive – electric projects may receive more than the current custom rate incentive

• Project incentive cap – a single project can receive up to $400,000 (normally $200,000)

• Customer’s annual cap – annual incentive cap increases to $500,000 for 2015(normally $400,000)

• Focus on Energy will pay up to 75 percent of the originally estimated project cost

To be eligible, a project must meet a minimum annual energy savings threshold of 300,000 kWh or 30,000 Therms. Companies also must demonstrate a high level of need for funding.

Pulp & Paper companies may not participate because they are eligible for a separate, currently open, request for proposals that is designed specifically for them.

Proposals are due Sept. 12. Projects must be completed by Dec. 10, 2015. Grants are reduced by 10 percent for projects that aren’t completed by the deadline. If they are more than three months late, the grant might be canceled.

Begun in 2001, Focus on Energy is a statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program. It is funded by Wisconsin investor-owned utilities, as required by state law, as well as by participating municipal and cooperative utilities. Focus on Energy programs achieved savings in 2013 of  841,269,517 kWh, 126,143 kW, and 22,243,935 Therms.

The RFP contact is:  Focus on Energy Large Energy Users Program, Suite 203, 440 Science Drive, Madison, WI 53711; LEUapps@focusonenergy.com; Fax: 608-819-9051;  Questions: 608-819-9034.

The RFP is available here.

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