Linking Clean Energy and Clean Mobility via Resilient Microgrids

resilient microgrids

Resilient microgrids and energy as a service (EaaS) business models can help to support grid assets by linking renewables, EVs, and advanced software systems to provide real time optimization of diverse energy sources. A new white paper from Schneider Electric explores the link between clean energy and clean mobility, and the role resilient microgrids can play.

The Opportunity for Propane in Microgrid Backup Generators

In their new report, the Propane Education and Research Council explain the opportunities for propane in microgrids. Propane is a low carbon fuel source that produces less soot than diesel and can help achieve emissions goals without any additional costs to the customer.

Engine-driven Generators and their Criticality in Microgrids

engine-driven generators

The purpose of the microgrid solution is to provide cleaner, more efficient, and locally-created power when compared to utility-scale distributed power typically based on coal or nuclear. The benefits have been well documented in industry. This new report from Generac contends fossil-fueled, reciprocating  engine-driven generators will continue to be the solution for the foreseeable future and enable ultimate application flexibility to have microgrid operations available whenever they are needed. 

Before, During & After the Storm: Quantifying Resiliency and Reliability

energy resilience

With 1,800 managed microgrid systems across the country, PowerSecure provides clean, reliable and resilient power to customers for everyday operations and during unanticipated grid outages. Get the white paper that summarizes PowerSecure’s 2020 system resiliency performance across all of the year’s natural event-related outages.

The Effect of COVID-19 Work from Home Policies on Building Energy Profiles


The rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is upending our economies and reshaping the way we live our lives. In order to show the impact of the new Work From Home policy on building energy profiles and patterns, David Energy reviewed the electric demand changes of a commercial building in Manhattan connected to Mycor. 

The Latest Evolution of Distributed Energy Resources — Opportunity for Business Within PJM


Distributed energy resources have evolved. No longer merely rooftop solar panels or backup generators, they are imbued with software intelligence and new capabilities. Get the new paper from Cummins and NRG that focuses on opportunities available to businesses and institutions within the PJM Interconnection, one of the world’s largest organized wholesale markets, serving 65 million people in a broad swath of the United States.