The Role of Firming Generation in Microgrids

Firm Generation

Microgrids are ideal solutions for businesses and organizations looking to keep the power on, even when the grid goes down. A new white paper from Mainspring Energy compares the economic and environmental impact of four different microgrid technology solutions.

The Value of Microgrids: Challenges and Opportunities

With energy challenges on the rise, practical technology solutions exist today that can strengthen our power system, de-risk our businesses, and provide safety to our communities. With policy and legislative support, microgrids for climate resilience can be deployed with greater ease. Download this report to learn more.

The Benefits of Combining Solar and Storage in Microgrid Applications

solar and storage

Today’s microgrid applications are both flexible and adaptive, enabling the end user’s energy systems to generate a marked improved return on investment. To truly grasp the importance of this innovation, get the new paper from CleanSpark examines how the renewable landscape has evolved and the leading role microgrid technology plays in the future of energy — and explores the benefits of combining solar and storage in microgrid applications.

Bundling Competitive Supply and Distributed Energy Resources

distributed energy resources

In this paper from NRG , we will describe a more effective way, a cohesive and flexible energy strategy that bundles and coordinates your supply and DERs. Get the report to discover how managing these resources together can help achieve benefits beyond their individual values.

Addressing the Needs of Your Behind-the-Meter Applications

behind-the-meter applications

 The definition of a “microgrid” is somewhat elusive. Generally, any collection of generators and loads that are not tied to the grid, and are expected to operate autonomously can be considered a microgrid. The microgrid can sometimes tie into the grid, and sometimes be “islanded” or separated from the grid, or may be entirely “off the grid” meaning never tied to the grid. NEC explores the benefits of microgrids and a few examples of solar and storage options in Tennessee, Massachusetts and Kanas City in a new microgrid one-pager. Explore the needs of your behind-the-meter-applications with NEC.

A Unique Approach to Coupling Solar + Storage

solar plus storage

This white paper from Alencon discusses the practical considerations of deploying a PV-centric, DC-coupled solar plus storage system. This paper has been written for a wide audience to help it understand what is involved in combining solar and storage, from the what doing so actually means to different methods for doing so. Get the paper to further explore what has been called the “Holy Grail” of Solar generation.

Lessons Learned from Installing Battery Energy Into an Existing PV Array

Battery Energy

Alencon sits down with Tom Fenimore, business development manager at Duke Energy to discuss his views and practical experience with installing battery energy storage into an existing PV array. Fenimore has led a number of these efforts for Duke and has chosen to share his experience with executing such projects for the benefit of the industry more broadly. Get the full interview in this new report from Alencon.

Maximizing the Value of On-Site Power Generation with EPA Tier 4 Final Stationary Engines

Stationary Engines

According to the report, a scalable Tier 4 Final generator set keeps capital requirements low while providing room for future growth. Download the new report from PowerSecure that The new report from PowerSecure asserts choosing the correct Certified Tier 4 Final generator set not only meets EPA standards and avoids costly penalties, but it is essential for growth and profitability.

Biogas Microgrid

Butler farms microgrid

This report explores how Butler Farms installed lagoon covers for animal waste to not only reduce odors and eliminate rainwater ingress, but also to capture biogas to utilize as a renewable energy resource. Download the report to learn more about how PowerSecure manufactured custom enclosures, and packaged and installed the individual Butler Farms microgrid components into a fully functioning battery storage system and separate controller.