Creating a Resilient, Renewable Grid: Six Challenges Every Utility Must Assess

As renewable energy penetration increases and distributed energy resources (DERs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are integrated into the grid, utilities must make fundamental changes to their grid operations. To address the challenges they face as they transition to a renewable grid, utilities need a road map in place that will help them balance a … [Read more...]

Connecting Distribution Centers to the Grid

When generators are a key component in a distribution center's comprehensive energy management program, and more than just an insurance policy, they can actually become a valuable revenue source by offsetting capital expenditures through a reduction in operating expenses. Typically, 15% of a distribution center's operating expenses come from … [Read more...]

Remote Microgrids as a Stepping Stone Towards Decarbonization

As demand for energy grows around the world, the electric grid's architecture is evolving from the traditional hub-and-spoke model that's been in place for nearly 140 years, into a more flexible, efficient, and sustainable distributed generation model. Remote microgrids are one of the key stepping stones towards decarbonization. Microgrids … [Read more...]