Linking Clean Energy and Clean Mobility via Resilient Microgrids

resilient microgrids

Resilient microgrids and energy as a service (EaaS) business models can help to support grid assets by linking renewables, EVs, and advanced software systems to provide real time optimization of diverse energy sources. A new white paper from Schneider Electric explores the link between clean energy and clean mobility, and the role resilient microgrids can play.

Connecting Distribution Centers to the Grid

A new report from Generac explores energy optimization at distribution centers and the economics of monetizing generators by connecting them to the grid. Generac explains that when generators are a key component in a distribution center’s comprehensive energy management program, they can actually become a valuable revenue source.

Remote Microgrids as a Stepping Stone Towards Decarbonization

As demand for energy grows around the world, the electric grid’s architecture is evolving from the traditional hub-and-spoke model that’s been in place for nearly 140 years, into a more flexible, efficient, and sustainable distributed generation model. Remote microgrids are one of the key stepping stones towards decarbonization.