Maximizing the Value of On-Site Power Generation with EPA Tier 4 Final Stationary Engines

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Whether for standby power, base-load power generation or built-in redundancy for critical assets, many organizations install stationary engines at their facilities so they may generate their own power. Because these stationary engines are relatively commonplace, they collectively have an impact on air quality and public health, so the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been regulating them for decades. As it relates to stationary diesel engines, progressively stricter EPA standards were released and finalized between 1996 and 2014.

These EPA standards mandated diesel engines to reduce their exhaust emissions to various tier levels. The final of these regulations — EPA Tier 4 Final standards — is discussed in a new report from PowerSecure.

According to the report, a scalable EPA Tier 4 Final generator set keeps capital requirements low while providing room for future growth. It ensures a reliable and easily maintainable system. Expert local and remote system monitoring takes the worry out of ensuring a reliable power supply. In most cases, a factory-certified generator set removes the requirement for initial and ongoing emissions testing, placing the burden of compliance on the engine manufacturer.

The new report from PowerSecure asserts choosing the correct Certified Tier 4 Final generator set not only meets EPA standards and avoids costly penalties, but it is essential for growth and profitability.

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