Here you will find videos on how microgrids support the hospital and healthcare industries. See real-world examples and learn best practices.

Microgrids that Foretell the Future

Microgrids of the future

In this video, you’ll see three presentations featuring microgrids in planning or development that are using innovative technologies or business models, offering insight into microgrids of the future.

Ask Me Anything: A Live Q&A with Microgrid Customers

Microgrid Customers

Get the perspective and experience of three knowledgable guests as they share their experience in the microgrid space. The panelists in this video answer questions from those that attended the live session. 

Microgrid Finance and EaaS

EaaS Energy as a Service

In this video, we look at both project and customer financing, including optimizing your capital stack, maximizing tax equity opportunities and also know their limits, and how to choose a financing partner. We’ll also discuss energy-as-a-service (EaaS).

Birds of a Feather: Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospital Microgrids

Birds of a Feather meetings are peer-to-peer networking gatherings for professionals who work within specific industries and were registered for the Microgrid 2020 conference. This session is dedicated to discussing healthcare and hospital microgrids.

Virtual Microgrid Tour: Princeton Medical Center

Hospital Microgrid

Take a virtual tour of the PennMed Princeton Medical Center advanced microgrid. In this video, you’ll hear from the designer, engineers and operator as they walk you through the design, construction, and operation of this hospital microgrid.