Learn all about energy storage in this collection of videos. Topics include integration, innovation, renewables, and sustainability.

The Microgrid Innovation Showcase

Microgrid Innovation

Three leading microgrid companies offer an inside look at microgrid innovation in this webinar-style video. Learn about a remote microgrid in Canada, a military microgrid on a US Air Force base, and an industrial microgrid in South Africa.

Microgrids as Sustainability Heroes


Hear the stories of three different microgrids that are helping their hosts reach sustainability or renewable energy goals, and learn how you can employ a microgrid to do the same for you.

Choosing the Right Resources for Your Microgrid

Microgrid Resources

Oftentimes, when businesses, institutions, and communities are researching microgrids, they don’t know quote how to choose the resources they want to use. In this video, experts discuss selecting the right microgrid resources for your project, including renewables, fossil fuels, fuel cells, and energy storage.

Evolution of the Remote Microgrid

Remote Microgrid

Remote environments can be particularly helpful and particularly exciting to lead the energy transition. In this video, we’ll discuss the remote microgrid, the energy transition, and how important it is for us to get these grids right.