These videos focus on the design/engineering aspects of microgrids. Learn about emerging tech, the future of microgrids, and grid integration.

Microgrids for Education and Campuses

California’s higher education institutions are leaders in microgrids. In this panel discussion from Microgrid California, hear from schools that operate campus microgrids and those that are soon to join them.

Microgrids for Businesses and Utilities

Microgrids for Businesses

Concern about electric reliability has heightened for utilities and their business customers as wildfires escalate in California and public safety power shutoffs become the norm. In this video, industry experts and their customers discuss microgrids for businesses and utilities, the innovations they’re pursuing, obstacles they face, and the solutions they’ve found.

Preventing Scope Gaps for Microgrid Developers

scope gaps

Learn 5 ways that microgrid developers can successfully navigate changing customer needs, handle vendor and procurement management, and avoid scope gaps in this webinar from Microgrid Knowledge and Siemens.

Microgrid 2020: Emerging Microgrid Applications

microgrid applications

Learn how cutting edge innovations are being applied to microgrids in new ways to address the needs of the electric system and beyond. The speakers in this video provide different perspectives from different stages of development and commercialization.