A collection of videos and webinars on commercial/industrial microgrids including videos on real-world examples, financing, and selecting resources.

Microgrids for Businesses and Utilities

Microgrids for Businesses

Concern about electric reliability has heightened for utilities and their business customers as wildfires escalate in California and public safety power shutoffs become the norm. In this video, industry experts and their customers discuss microgrids for businesses and utilities, the innovations they’re pursuing, obstacles they face, and the solutions they’ve found.

Microgrid Finance and EaaS

EaaS Energy as a Service

In this video, we look at both project and customer financing, including optimizing your capital stack, maximizing tax equity opportunities and also know their limits, and how to choose a financing partner. We’ll also discuss energy-as-a-service (EaaS).

The Microgrid Innovation Showcase

Microgrid Innovation

Three leading microgrid companies offer an inside look at microgrid innovation in this webinar-style video. Learn about a remote microgrid in Canada, a military microgrid on a US Air Force base, and an industrial microgrid in South Africa.

Virtual Microgrid Tour: DEIF

Sustainable Microgrids

Take a tour of two sustainable microgrids in this behind the scenes tour with DEIF. See the microgrid at the Headwaters Center in Winter Park, Colorado and Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Solutions Showcase: Cummins Power Integration Center

Cummins Power Integration Center

Many companies around the world are looking for the resiliency and sustainability benefits that a microgrid can offer. In this solutions showcase video, go behind the scenes at the Cummins Power Integration Center.

Why the Electric Grid is No Longer Enough

Electric Reliability

The customer is demanding more of the grid these days as our world becomes more electrified, and that means that power outages are becoming more and more expensive. What does reliance on the grid cost your operation — and how can you get the cost down?

Choosing the Right Resources for Your Microgrid

Microgrid Resources

Oftentimes, when businesses, institutions, and communities are researching microgrids, they don’t know quote how to choose the resources they want to use. In this video, experts discuss selecting the right microgrid resources for your project, including renewables, fossil fuels, fuel cells, and energy storage.