Benefits of Sectionalizing the Power Grid: Evolution of Microgrid Clustering

Microgrid Clustering

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In this webinar, Microgrid Knowledge hosts Siemens, ComEd, and EPRI to discuss how microgrid clustering techniques were validated at a full-scale demonstration test bed.

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Microgrids – localized grids that can disconnect from the traditional grid to operate autonomously – have emerged as a promising means of increasing grid reliability and resiliency. One of the key challenges in the widespread adoption of microgrids is the cost of deployment. One viable solution for community microgrids is the concept of sectionalizing and microgrid clustering, which allows for a more cost-effective way of sharing the distributed energy resources (DERs) to increase the resiliency of more than one participant.

Siemens Grid Software US in collaboration with Commonwealth Edison and the Electric Power Research Institute has addressed these challenges by developing a set of advanced microgrid control and integration techniques known as ‘Sectionalizing the Grid’ concept.

In this webinar, Microgrid Knowledge hosts Siemens, ComEd, and EPRI to discuss how sectionalizing and microgrid clustering techniques were validated at a full-scale microgrid demonstration test bed operated by ComEd, including:

  • T&D resiliency planning methods to identify community microgrid placements, configurations, and viable pathways along a feeder through which existing solar and storage resources can serve multiple customers and critical infrastructure.
  • Using real-time measurement data and available pathway options to create flexible microgrid boundaries specifying switch order schemes, selection of Grid Forming/Grid Following DERs, and critical/non-critical loads.
  • Fail-safe and cybersecure microgrid operations enabled through peer-to-peer resilient communication systems that can work during a crisis event.
  • Illustration of a resilient community microgrid managed by sectionalization.

The video includes a question and answer session that was recorded during the live webinar.

Featured speakers include:

Microgrid Knowledge

Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief, Microgrid Knowledge

Microgrid Clustering

Jacqueline Baum, technical leader / integration of DERs, microgrids & DERMS, EPRI

Microgrid Clustering

Shashank Pande, software solutions architect, utility control center solutions, Siemens Grid Software

Microgrid Clustering

Honghao Zheng, manager of grid strategy and analytics, Commonwealth Edison

This video, recorded in June of 2022, is a part of Microgrid Knowledge’s webinar series featuring industry experts discussing a variety of topics relevant to microgrids. Look for more great premium video content from Microgrid Knowledge, ​​the largest site in the world dedicated to all things microgrid.

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