Top Energy Efficiency Markets Podcasts in 2014

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Interviews about energy efficient technologies, smart grid, and microgrids were among the top Energy Efficiency Markets Podcasts in 2014, garnering up to nearly 4,000 downloads per podcast.

Among the most popular podcasts were “New Technology Helps Cut Fuel Costs, Emissions, in Trucks,” with 3,700 downloads in three months.

You can check it out here:

In this podcast, listeners learn that Maglev Energy, in partnership with University of Central Florida researchers, has developed a technology that will reduce fossil fuel use in commercial trucks, potentially saving fleet owners more than $2 million a year and reducing carbon emissions.

Jon Harms, president and CEO of Maglev, explains the technology.

Another popular podcast, “Do Smart Meters Provide Criminals with a Route into Homes,” was downloaded 3,037 times over a 3-month period. You can listen here:

Homeowner privacy is a hot topic in the smart grid world, and in this podcast,Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer at Trend Micro, says that smart meters can give criminals a route into people’s homes. In fact, it’s already happening. While the frequency of incidents in small now, it’s expected to increase. He explains in this podcast what needs to be done to prevent the problem.

Also popular were podcasts about microgrids, including this interview about microgrids for homes:

While we’ve all heard about microgrids  in the commercial and industrial world, microgrids for homes are less common.  Bill Southworth, CEO of Elecyr, describes a residential microgrid system in this podcast–and how it might boost California’s efforts to require net-zero homes by 2020.

A related topic–distributed energy–attracted many listeners, as well. This interview about the booming market for off-grid energy in urban areas caught our listeners’ attention:

In short, our listeners want to know what’s new and what’s hot in the energy efficiency market.

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