Smart Grid: No More Maps, Push Pins for SMUD

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In a smart grid application, utility Sacramento Public Utility District (SMUD) has moved from using maps and push pins to visual analytics to help make decisions about outages, smart meters, and other issues.

Steve Ehrlich, SVP, Marketing, of Space-Time Insight, which has supplied a smart grid system to SMUD, says that many utilities are still using maps and push pins. But situational intelligence software can help utilities unite and analyze data from various sources–outage information, wind speed data, and smart meter data, for example.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of system: It helps utilities avoid outages and prevents crises. Lisa Cohn of interviews Ehrlich about how utilities benefit from such systems.

SMUD is the nation’s sixth-largest electric utility owned by its customers. It began delivering power to the Sacramento region in 1946 and since then has provided electricity for most of Sacramento County, as well as small portions of Placer and Yolo counties.

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