Cutting Costs in Commercial “Outlier” Buildings 300% to 400% Less Efficient

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Call them the outliers–the buildings that are massively inefficient–as much as 300% to 400% less efficient than most, says Barun Singh, CTO and cofounder of WegoWise. The company is now helping these energy users and others better understand big-picture trends with a new visualization tool. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the tool and the trends.

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  1. Michael Puckett says:

    Not to quibble, but Mr Singh needs to review his basic math. Let’s say a building uses 100MWh/yr. Saving 300% means saving 300MWh/yr – ie. turning the building into a net exporter of electricity to the tune of 200MWh/yr. What he means to say is that savings of 66-75% are possible. This is really elementary stuff, and as we all work to increase the credibility of the energy efficiency industry, it’s the sort of stuff we really should be getting right.

    • Barun Singh says:

      Michael – you’re absolutely right to quibble. You can’t save over 100% unless you start generating energy. What was going through my head was that an outlier building might be consuming 300-400% more than it ought to be consuming, but I was a bit distracted and clearly garbled my words. Elementary stuff, indeed. I realized immediately afterward, but there’s no redo when you’re being recorded. C’est la vie.