Princeton Power Systems Reaches 500-Unit Milestone…Sign of Growing Local Energy Market

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Here’s another sign of the growing microgrid and local energy market. Princeton Power Systems, famous for the Alcatraz project, is reporting today that it has now manufactured and delivered more than 500 units of its grid-tied converter.

Princeton Power Systems (not to be confused with  Princeton University’s microgrid ) designs and and manufacturers  technology and embedded software for energy management, microgrids. and electric vehicle charging.

Here’s what Princeton Power Systems had to say about the milestone:

“We are excited to announce that this November Princeton Power Systems will have manufactured and shipped over 50 MW, or over 500 units, of the GTIB-30 and GTIB-100 grid-tied inverters to industrial and commercial consumers all over the world,” said Darren Hammell, chief strategy officer and co-founder, Princeton Power Systems. “The GTIB was a pioneering product when it was designed and commercially released, and we are proud that both industry leaders and new entrants continue to choose GTIB converters to unlock the performance of advanced battery systems and microgrids.”

The GTIB-30 and GTIB-100 are widely known for their reliability and bi-directional capabilities, and have become standard in both North American and global  energy storage installations. The 100-kW GTIB-100 was the first commercial-scale bi-directional converter suited for advanced batteries, solar, on-grid and island applications, and is the flagship product chosen for best in class microgrid applications around the world for over six years since its release in 2008. Along with the 30-kW GTIB-30, the GTIB product line has amassed over one million operating hours in microgrid and energy storage applications.

 GTIB converters can be found in some of the world’s most advanced commercial microgrids and energy storage applications, including the Alcatraz Island Solar Microgrid, named the 2014 Intersolar Award Winner for exemplary project, that’s been in continuous operation since 2012. Eight (8) GTIB’s power both the solar array and the battery system on the Alcatraz Microgrid.

Advanced functions of the GTIB include bi-directional operation, island or backup-power mode, UL-listing for ease of permitting and installation, and several configuration options including black-start and battery pre-charge.

 The GTIB includes built-in functions for smart grid operations such as peak power shaving, frequency regulation, VAR compensation, PV ramp-rate control, and demand response. The GTIB-100 is compatible with advanced communication protocols including MODBUS RTU, DNP3, and is pre-configured with multiple battery management systems from top battery vendors. The GTIB’s wide DC input voltage range offers flexibility when selecting DC sources such as batteries and PV arrays.

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