Future of Microgrids is ‘Bright’ as Costs Decline & Options Increase

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William Rambo, director of business development at POWER Engineers, offers his perspective on why the future of microgrids looks bright. Rambo describes his company’s work undertaking complex projects and large-scale renewable integration. Watch his interview at Microgrid 2019 with Microgrid Knowledge’s Ken Silverstein.

Rambo helps lead one of the largest power delivery consulting companies in North America — one that is making waves in the renewable energy industry.

“We are doing a ton of microgrid work, and a ton of DER integration work,” Rambo told Silverstein. “So our mission here at this conference has been really to present our capabilities and work with clients that need help in those areas.”

As for specific projects that POWER Engineers takes on, Rambo explained it’s all being driven by the integration of renewables into the grid.

“We get involved in exciting, complicated projects, where you really need engineering and detail, because it’s never been done before,” Rambo said.

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“And we do a lot of work with large industrials, as well,” he added, “those processing facilities that can’t have a lot of downtime.”

Silverstein asked the POWER Engineers director for his prognosis on the future of microgrids, and it’s a positive one.

“The future of microgrids is bright, as you can tell by the energy at the conference,” Rambo concluded.

He noted that costs are going down, and project scale is changing, making microgrid development less expensive and complex.

“You’re seeing this be driven down to the residential customer level, and you’re going to see more exciting things happen there,” he said.

Meanwhile, microgrid financing options continue to expand — think energy-as-a-service (Eaas) and transactive energy, two concepts discussed in detail in San Diego at Microgrid 2019.

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