Small But Powerful: Designing Packaged Microgrids for Small and Medium Sites

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Key market trends are driving faster adoption of microgrids and “microgrid-ready” facilities that incorporate renewable energy sources. While power delivery systems with these capabilities are often perceived as customized, design intensive and time consuming, modern technologies that use controllers and pretested software are allowing for the fast deployment of packaged microgrids.

packaged microgrids


Packaged microgrid designs drive efficiency, resilience and sustainability goals by employing standardized microgrid operations and optimizations. They’re applicable across a variety of sectors including retail, distribution and health care.

So what does the market landscape look like for microgrids? And what are the advantages of pre-engineered microgrid designs for small and medium-sized operations?

Microgrid Knowledge will host a live webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 24 at 2 p.m. ET, exploring technologies that allow for the fast deployment of packaged microgrids at scale. Click here to register.

The webinar, “Small But Powerful: Designing Packaged Microgrids for Small and Medium Sites,” will feature Ram Kaushik of Schneider Electric. Kaushik is the US offer manager for Schneider’s Digital Power division, and he manages strategic marketing direction for energy and power reliability management within Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Power software suite. The webinar will be moderated by Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge, and Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge.

The one-hour webinar will examine:

  • Why more and more businesses and institutions are installing microgrids.
  • What microgrid customers need to understand about industry standards for small and medium sites.
  • Examples of how microgrids operate in the real world.
  • What to consider in a microgrid and control system design.
  • How to achieve a maximum ROI for a microgrid.

Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

Register for “Small But Powerful: Designing Packaged Microgrids for Small and Medium Sites” free of charge. Can’t attend the live event? If you register now, you will be notified when you can watch the webinar “on demand.”

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