NEC Installs Europe’s Largest Battery System

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Boston-based NEC Energy Solutions (NEC) has completed installation of Europe’s largest battery system, 48-MW of energy storage that will provide reactive power in Germany to stabilize the transmission grid.

NECNEC developed the project in Jardelund for German company EnspireME, a joint venture between Japan’s Mitsubishi and Eneco, a Netherlands-based renewable energy company.

With 50 MWh of capacity, the system uses 10,000 lithium-ion battery modules, enough to store power for about 5,300 German households for 24 hours.

The battery system can play multiple roles to strengthen the grid. It will earn revenue by serving the primary reserve market. This opportunity exists because Europe’s transmission system operators must secure a certain number of capacity reserves to prepare for sudden power loss or an extensive blackout.

EnspireME will sell storage capacity to the German electricity market through weekly common auctions where European grid operators purchase reserve capacity to guarantee a 50 hertz frequency on the grid.

The energy storage system can also take over the role of primary reserve provider and become a more sustainable alternative to coal and gas fired plants.

In addition, the project can serve local wind farms by allowing them to store excess electricity generated during periods when they cannot sell their output into markets because of excess supply.

NEC provided engineering, procurement and construction services, which included its GSS end-to-end grid storage solution and its AEROS proprietary energy storage controls software.

“As the largest battery energy storage system in Europe, this is truly a landmark project and one that our entire NEC team is extremely proud of,” said Steve Fludder, CEO of NEC. “This investment in energy storage will generate revenue for Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation in the primary reserve market and also demonstrate the economic benefits of pairing energy storage with renewables, first proven with solar and now with the abundant wind generators in the Jardelund region.”

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