MicrogridKnowledge.com Releases Guide on Community Microgrids for Mayors and City Leaders

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community microgridMicrogridKnowledge.com today released a guide to assist mayors and other city leaders who are exploring community microgrids as a way to gain more local control over their energy supply.

The 18-page report, “Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy,” provides big-picture insight into the community microgrid trend, as well as specific advice to help municipalities that are considering microgrid development.

“We are seeing heightened interest by cities and towns in microgrids to protect their critical services — like police, fire and health care — during power outages,” said Elisa Wood, chief editor of MicrogridKnowledge.com. “Municipalities also are pursuing microgrids to make their electric and thermal energy more efficient and green.”

She added: “While interest is strong in community microgrids, little information exists to help mayors and leaders who are just getting started. This guide is designed to do just that.”

Written in accessible prose, the guide profiles several cities and towns that operate microgrids or have them in planning. Its six chapters also explore the evolution of the contemporary microgrid and look at both immediate and future benefits, steps to get started, financing, incentives and microgrid revenue potential.

A modern microgrid is a small-scale power grid that often integrates efficient and clean electricity and heat, energy storage and smart grid technologies. It can operate independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electrical grid and can provide back-up power, services or support to the main grid during heavy demand periods.

“Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy” is available for free download at MicrogridKnowledge.com and EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com.

The guide is sponsored by the International District Energy Association and OBG.

MicrogridKnowledge.com is the first independent, international news and feature website dedicated solely to the microgrid market — an industry expected to be worth as much as $40 billion by 2020, according to Navigant Research.

EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com is a business-to-business news and feature website that focuses on disruptive energy technologies and the efficiencies they bring to businesses and consumers in North America.

For more information, contact Kevin Normandeau at Kevin@microgridknowledge.com

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About Elisa Wood

Elisa Wood is the chief editor of MicrogridKnowledge.com. She has been writing about energy for more than three decades for top industry publications. Her work also has been picked up by CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal Online and the Washington Post.