Today at the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference: The Health, Economic and Environmental Influences Giving Rise to Microgrids

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Join us for a look at “The Health, Economic and Environmental Influences Giving Rise to Microgrids” on the opening day of Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference.

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With presentations from leading microgrid experts, today features four sessions.

1 pm EDT: The Value of Microgrids During Societal Disruption, about the role microgrids can play in the recovery from COVID-19 with

  • Mark Feasel (Schneider Electric) President, Smart Grid
  • Ravi Pradhan (Siemens Digital Grid) Vice President of Technical Solution
  • Erik Svanholm (S&C Electric) Vice President of Non-Wires Alternatives

2 pm EDT: Healthcare & Microgrids: Ensuring Power When the Value of Resiliency is Immeasurable with:

  • Ben Parvey (BlueSky Power) CEO: Research Findings: The Economic Value of Energy Resilience in Healthcare
  • Phil Fischer (NEC) Sales Director: Brigham & Women’s Hospital Case Study: Saving Money and Ensuring Power with Energy Storage
  • Asim Hussain (Bloom Energy) VP of Commercial Strategy and Customer Experience: Rapid Deploy Microgrids –  A solution in the face of unexpected power challenges

3 pm EDT: Will COVID-19 Impact Microgrid Policy Progress?

  • Jason Burwen (Energy Storage Association) Vice President of Policy
  • Richard Stuebi (Future Energy Advisors) President
  • Joseph Sullivan (Concord Engineering) Vice President Energy Policy and Development

4 pm EDT: Microgrids in an Election Year

  • Vince Breglio (Breglio and Associates) Pollster
  • Andrea Camp (Civil Society Institute) Senior Project Manager

Be sure to sign on for sessions early; we’ve had an overwhelming response to the conference, with several thousand registering.

The three-day event, June 1 -3, offers 15 sessions; you can participate in all, or choose from those that most interest you. Each session is just under an hour. The first 30 minutes offers presentations from speakers and the second half provides audience members with an opportunity to ask questions of speakers.

Titled “Microgrids as a Recovery Tool During Social and Economic Disruption,” the virtual conference is free for those who register. More details are available on the conference website.

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