This event has passed. If you would like to watch any of the session please click the Watch Now link below:

Day 1

  • Elisa Wood Welcome and Overview – Watch Now
  • The Value of Microgrids During Societal Disruption – Watch Now
  • Healthcare & Microgrids – Watch Now
  • Will COVID-19 Impact Microgrid Policy Progress? – Watch Now
  • Microgrids in an Election Year – Watch Now

Day 2

  • Kevin Normandeau Welcome and Tips – Watch Now
  • Staying the Course on Clean Energy – Watch Now
  • How Microgrids Help Commercial & Industrial Operations – Watch Now
  • Protecting Communities & Vital Services with Microgrids – Watch Now
  • Microgrids as an Energy and Educational Resource for Universities – Watch Now
  • Utilities at the Forefront of Microgrids- Watch Now
  • Electrification and Microgrids in Transportation – Watch Now

Day 3

  • Matt Roberts Welcome and Next Steps – Watch Now
  • Navigating Dual Disasters: What are the Next Steps for California as it Emerges Out of Covid-19 and into Wildfire Season? – Watch Now
  • How Microgrids Make Money: A Tutorial on Ways Microgrids Earn Their Keep – Watch Now
  • Now How to Finance a Microgrid Project in a Post Covid-19 Economy- Watch Now
  • Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Energy Storage and Renewable Energy – Watch Now
  • Evolution of the Remote Microgrid – Watch Now
  • Engineering our Way to the Future: Microgrids, Digitization and Automation- Watch Now

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