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Where are the best business opportunities in energy efficiency? What utilities and states show strongest support for the industry? What energy efficiency technologies are thriving? To keep on top of these issues, join our  new Linkedin Group, Energy Efficiency Markets.

Please introduce yourself and your business to the group. Let us know your thoughts.

We felt it was important to start this group now. For a long time, energy efficiency has been known as the “invisible” energy resource. That will always be true from a technical perspective, but energy efficiency is certainly no longer invisible to businesses, institutions, politicians, investors, and consumers. Did you know, for example, that energy.efficiency technologies are now the most popular home automation electronics?

Electronics are just one of the many facets of the energy efficiency industry becoming more tangible in the marketplace.  The new Linkedin group, and our website,, are solely devoted to shining a light on the many opportunities in this diverse and changing sector.

Our experienced writers deliver a range of energy efficiency news – from  utility energy resource planning, to building retrofits, smart grid technologies, lighting, HVAC,  combined heat and power, microgrids, energy storage, building and home automation, advanced analytics, behavioral programs and more.

You’ll find on our Linkedin group news and analysis about energy efficiency business opportunities, as well as  possible threats to  the industry’s future.

Please join the new Energy Efficiency Markets  Linkedin Group. We look forward to meeting you here!

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