Energy Efficiency: It’s Not the Technology, It’s Financing

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Jigar Shah, Author, Creating Climate Wealth

Jigar Shah, Author, Creating Climate Wealth

We’ve got much of the technology needed to solve the climate crisis. What we need now is financing innovation, says Jigar Shah, author of “Creating Climate Wealth” in an interview with Lisa Cohn of If we can break that barrier, we’ll create what he calls climate wealth. The founder of SunEdison and the former CEO of the Carbon War Room quotes the IEA, saying we need $10 trillion by 2020 to fight climate change. We’re on the path to invest $4.5 trillion. “We have the technology to meet the 2020 goal,” he says. “Many existing technologies are ready to be deployed.” What’s needed now is smart money, he says.

Listen to learn what smart money is, why many EE subsidies should be eliminated and why Shah’s plan would create wealth.

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  1. Hi, very interesting/useful interview.

    I like the idea of Nyserta (sp?) becoming a “project insurance” entity. Frankly, there are tons of projects for infrastructure (such as municipal water/wastewater) where the city or utility owner could invest 100K and save 20K per year but they won’t do it on the basis that they are unsure of the predicted savings. And, yet, they don’t like ESCO’s since they don’t want to get into “semi-lease” situations. So, nothing happens and we continue to blow energy into the sky, so to speak.

    Is there a way to move projects such as the above example…along….now?


    Don Voigt, P.E., Port Washington, WI USA

  2. …saw Jigar in Denver a week ago and am nearly finished reading his GREAT book! There are many lessons to be learned from his experience and re: “lease” arguments, it’s largely semantics: Positioning your value propositioning as savings and infrastructure improvements that are financed with properly matched cash flows wins more projects than not!

  3. The important thing is to take the actions you can take. Why not do something simple like cutting energy use by as little as 1 watt per square foot at your workplace? For more info, see “Improving Your Bottom Line at 1 Watt per Square Foot” in the my publications part of my LinkedIn profile.

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