Australia nickel mine plans to host world’s largest renewable microgrid

Giles Parkinson, founder and editor of Renew Economy, describes plans by Oz Minerals to build the world's largest renewable microgrid in Australia. The massive $1.7 billion West Musgrave nickel and copper project — given the green light by Australian mining company Oz Minerals late last week — will be a groundbreaking project for the sheer scale … [Read more...]

Resources for policymakers researching microgrids

Are you a policymaker, community leader or advocate trying to learn more about microgrids? Microgrid Knowledge has prepared this resource page to help you find answers. Begin by viewing this short and engaging video, Microgrids Now!, prepared by the Civil Society Institute, Think Microgrid, RMI and the Millennial Action Project. It explains the … [Read more...]

Eight changes (all good) that microgrid insiders see emerging from the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which became law August 16 with President Joe Biden's signature,  is expected to significantly cut costs for microgrids by creating new tax credits and extending existing ones for technologies used within microgrids, such as solar, storage and microgrid controllers But what else will the $430 billion law … [Read more...]

Now available! View Microgrid 2022 on demand

If you couldn’t attend Microgrid 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this past June, good news. We captured every session on video and it’s now available for you to view on demand. Each of the panel discussions, breakout sessions, workshops and keynote addresses can be accessed through the links below or via the Microgrid Knowledge video … [Read more...]

Electrification Could Save as Much as $800 Billion: NREL

A new federal electrification study finds potential cost savings of $800 billion through 2050 by electrifying the US economy, depending on several variables including the extent of electrification. The report is the fifth installment in the National Renewable Energy Lab's (NREL) multiyear Electrification Futures Study (EFS) series, which … [Read more...]

NY Seeks Researcher to Identify Industrials that Will Benefit from Electrification and Other Climate Measures

New York has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for a researcher to help it identify industrial operations that offer the greatest opportunities for beneficial electrification, carbon reduction, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) said that the research will focus on … [Read more...]