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Connecticut calls on utilities to evaluate non-wires alternatives

Connecticut has proposed a series of measures to ensure utilities consider non-wires alternatives, among them incentives, competitive bids from third parties, and a way to evaluate non-wires alternatives against traditional distribution grid investments. Non-wires alternatives — which include microgrids and other distributed energy … [Read more...]

Microgrids are everywhere — and they’re incredibly accessible

As organizations move toward net-zero carbon initiatives, microgrids have become a driving force in the overall sustainability trajectory because of their expansive application across industries. Jana Gerber, microgrid North America president at Schneider Electric, explains. The need for advanced electrical storage and distributed energy … [Read more...]

As worries mount over Texas grid, major beverage distributor commissions Enchanted Rock microgrid

With the Texas grid continuing to make a poor showing, it’s little surprise that a major US food and beverage distributor says it will microgrid its Dallas facility. Ben E. Keith Company has commissioned Texas-based Enchanted Rock to install a natural gas-fired microgrid for a beverage distribution facility. The microgrid is expected to begin … [Read more...]

Microgrids and the Future Grid: A Preview of What’s to Come

From sectionalizing the grid for greater resiliency to creating a more safe and secure power flow and keeping us all connected to the Internet, microgrids will transform the way we manage energy. Here are three technical presentations that offer a peek into the future. This discussion is moderated by Eric DuPont, chief commercial officer of … [Read more...]

“Yeah! We’re Going to Electrify Everything … Uh Oh”

The transportation industry is becoming electric, which will mean more demand for clean energy. This powerhouse panel of industry experts explore the role microgrids will play in a more renewable and electrified world. This panel discussion is moderated by Michael Ginsberg of Bowman Consulting Group and includes a question and answer session … [Read more...]

District of Columbia seeks microgrid developer for medical and communications facilities

The District of Columbia is seeking a microgrid developer, owner and operator for a 4-MW project that will serve critical facilities in a mixed-use development known as the St. Elizabeths East campus.  FEMA awarded the project $20 million in April, making it the first microgrid in the country to receive funding under the Building Resilient … [Read more...]

California microgrid developers gain important interconnection certainty: ‘a big step’

Distributed energy resource (DER) and microgrid developers in California and across the country want certainty about their options for — and chances of — interconnecting to the grid. For years, they’ve struggled with uncertainty that leads to increased costs and causes delays. The developers have had to put their solar projects through an … [Read more...]

Should you even bother connecting to the grid?

After years of developing energy projects, and dealing with the frustrations of interconnecting to the grid, Ben Parvey said enough is enough. It’s time to help people get off the grid. Parvey is not a back-to-the-land romantic. He’s a former public finance attorney who since 2008 has served as CEO of New Jersey-based Blue Sky Power, which … [Read more...]

Even Smarter Cities: Keeping Critical Services Operating When the Grid Is Down

In this video, you'll learn how smart cities are using microgrids to keep critical services operating when the grid is down. Michael Boswell of Concord Engineering and Michael Samuel of R3M Engineering present a case study how a critical piece of infrastructure found resilience with a microgrid. Hurricane Sandy seriously damaged the Sayreville … [Read more...]

Destination Hybrid Success: Optimizing Microgrids for Resilience and EV Charging While Cutting Costs and Emissions

In this video, you'll learn how modeling and side-by-side comparison of technical and economic performance of various system configurations helped minimize risks and enable the successful development of two grid-connected, hybrid microgrids. Learn how project developer Rivermoor Energy worked with town leaders in Yarmouth, Massachusetts to develop … [Read more...]