The Financial Decision-Makers Guide to Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids

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If you’re an executive who makes energy decisions for your company or organization, chances are you’re hearing about microgrids and energy-as-a-service with increasing frequency — and for good reason.

Microgrids have been available for years, performing safely and effectively. But new technology and business models present energy customers with a reinvented microgrid, one easier to access and afford.

And this reinvention comes at an important time. Society is becoming increasingly—and painfully—aware of the costs of power outages, the very thing a microgrid averts. Puerto Rico presents the most pronounced example. Hurricane Maria collapsed the island’s grid in 2017, leaving 3.3 million people in the dark, many for months.

Fortunately, a new energy-as-a-service model has emerged that simplifies microgrid development and ownership for organizations. EaaS relieves the microgrid host from operational and financial risk—but guarantees them the benefits.

Microgrid Knowledge, Schneider Electric and AlphaStruxure produced this report to explain the EaaS model and the potential financial benefits of energy-as-a-service microgrids.

We hope this report will provide a vision of a path forward for those eager to secure microgrid benefits for their operations. Microgrids are crucial infrastructure in a world that depends on electrification and digitalization. We believe everyone benefits when energy supply becomes cleaner, more efficient and resilient. So we offer this report on microgrids and energy-as-a-service for download at no charge and encourage you to distribute the link widely.

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