The Affordable Microgrid: Securing Electric Reliability through Outsourcing

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The number of widespread power outages caused by the hurricanes of 2017 and nor’easters of early 2018 were the latest reminders of the fragile nature of the grid across North America. Microgrids are local power generation resources that may be coupled with storage and controllers supplying power to a facility when the grid is down or unstable. However, some businesses and institutions find the upfront cost and operational complexities too daunting to go at it alone. In other words, they need an affordable microgrid option.

A new Microgrid Knowledge Special Report introduces an innovative approach, reliability-as-a-service, that reduces the capital costs for microgrid customers and puts their operations in the hands of experts.

In this report we compare the cost of power outages with the associated economic value of electric reliability. We also offer real-world examples of how microgrids, using the reliability-as-a-service model, performed in Texas during Hurricane Harvey, keeping the lights on in stores and service stations for both customers and first responders in an otherwise darkened landscape.

Download the Microgrid Knowledge Special Report, courtesy of Enchanted Rock, to learn more about the affordable microgrid and how outsourcing is making microgrids more accessible.

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