Trimark to be Reseller for NEC’s Distributed Storage Solution

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As of this week, Trimark Associates is now a NEC Qualified Distributed Energy Storage partner in the U.S., opening the door to distributed storage solution sales for the company. 

Trimark — a provider of measurement, SCADA and communications solutions for the electric power industry — has been named a Qualified DSS Partner in the U.S. by NEC Energy Solutions. 

What does the designation mean? Now, Trimark, who offers a comprehensive management and control solution, can also act as a reseller and independent contractor for the installation, operation and maintenance of DSS energy storage systems.

“We are very excited to name Trimark as a Qualified DSS Partner in the US,” said Phil Fisher, NEC energy solutions director of business development for the DSS distributed storage solution.

“Combining our DSS distributed storage system with Trimark’s world leading power management solution is the perfect marriage of technologies enabling customers to maximize revenue, meet compliance requirements, optimize operations, and manage asset lifecycles,” Fished continued.

Trimark’s T1-S SCADA is a management and control solution that owners and operators can use to monitor generation, charge and discharge events, track power characteristics at the point of interconnection and more.

The DSS energy storage platform works to support advanced service creation at the “grid edge.” 

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The companies contend combining NEC’s DSS energy storage platform and Trimark’s T1-S SCADA lets owners support microgrid deployments with a unified solution to energy storage and generation control, among other benefits.

“The entire Trimark team is proud of the opportunity to work on delivering state-of-the-art energy storage as found in the NEC DSS product line,” said Mark Morosky, Trimark president and CEO. “Integrating the DSS storage system with the Trimark Vantage control platform will result in resiliency and cost savings for a wide range of applications including utility, microgrid, commercial and industrial customers.”


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