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Microgrid Workshop: Solutions to Integrating Energy Storage and Renewables into a Microgrid

Integrating energy storage and renewable energy into a microgrid can be tricky. In this workshop, you'll learn the proper way to add sustainable assets and battery energy storage systems (BESS) to your microgrid. Matt Baker, Director Microgrids and Critical Power at Typhoon HIL, moderates this panel discussion. Featured speakers … [Read more...]

Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Energy Storage and Renewable Energy

In this video, we'll look at look at what we're doing today around adapting distributed generation projects that include both energy storage and renewable energy. We'll also look at how we're going to be able to coordinate those projects with the existing grid. Matt Baker of Typhoon HIL discusses overcoming the challenges of integrating distributed … [Read more...]

In Landmark Feat, Australian Community Microgrid Runs on 100% Solar Plus Storage

Onslow, a remote town in Western Australia, got all its electricity for 80 minutes from solar power, a first-ever feat that shows how an advanced microgrid controller and a distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) can help communities use increasing amounts of renewable energy without grid stability issues, according to the Horizon … [Read more...]

Ameresco to Break Ground this Week on Solar and Storage Microgrid at Fort Hunter Liggett

Ameresco, a microgrid project developer, continues to grow its list of military microgrids, the most recent a $21.6 million project at Fort Hunter Liggett in Jolon, California. Set to break ground May 27, the project is designed to help the 165,000-acre training center achieve net zero energy by 2022, while also fulfilling Army directives to … [Read more...]

DC Coupling: the Efficient way of Connecting Storage and PV

With the decreasing cost of energy storage, PV-coupled storage applications are becoming more and more attractive for a broad range of applications. Further drivers for this development are the termination of subsidies for PV-produced energy in Germany and other countries and the replacement of diesel generators with renewables within … [Read more...]

Behind the Meter Storage and 4CP in Texas

This paper summarizes the benefits of behind-the-meter (BTM) assets that can decrease a utility’s net transmission cost through 4 Coincident Peaks (4CP) reduction. The report highlights the lessons learned for management and control of residential energy storage systems (ESSs). The data shown here is extracted directly from assets installed by … [Read more...]

7 Energy Storage Questions Answered

Ben Lavoie, of Ameresco, describes what drives the battery energy storage market, why it's valuable to pair storage and distributed energy, and how close battery storage is to becoming the norm. Microgrid Knowledge (MGK): Give us the background: From your view as an energy services provider, how are organizations maximizing the benefits of … [Read more...]

California Electricians Receive Training in Microgrids and Storage as Part of Climate, Equity Effort

A new training and certification program in California equips electricians with the skills needed to work with microgrids and storage, while aiming to ensure minority and disadvantaged residents benefit from the program. As part of the effort to train workers for jobs that address climate change, the California Workforce Development Board … [Read more...]

Financial impact: installing DC fast charging with solar carports and energy storage

UL Advisory Services conducted a feasibility study using HOMER Grid modeling software to analyze the techno-economic impact of deploying carport based solar + energy storage for a Medical/Hospital Center located in California. The primary objectives were to gain clarity on the impacts of EV charging, design the most economic renewable energy system … [Read more...]

Financial impact of installing solar carports and energy storage

UL Advisory Services conducted a feasibility study using HOMER Grid modeling software to analyze the financial impact of the deployment of carport based solar + energy storage for a Technology Campus located in California. The primary objectives were to configure and architect a renewable energy system to offset the increasing cost of electricity, … [Read more...]