Top Microgrid Perspectives Columns for 2021 — Most read guest articles

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Your most pressing energy storage questions answered. How microgrids can manage the disruptive force of electric vehicles. Why natural gas generators are critical to microgrids. These are just a few of the topics explored in the most popular Microgrid Perspectives columns of 2021.

Microgrid Perspectives

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These guest articles were penned by leaders in the microgrid and clean energy industries, including Ameresco, CleanSpark, Generac, Veolia, Siemens, Schneider Electric, PowerSecure, Volvo Penta, Mesa Solutions and Concord Engineering.

Microgrid Knowledge publishes these weekly columns throughout the year. Our guests write about hot industry topics, trends, new technology and more.

Check out the 10 most popular Microgrid Perspectives columns from 2021.

1. Seven Energy Storage Questions Answered — Ameresco
Ben Lavoie of Ameresco describes what drives the battery energy storage market, why it’s valuable to pair storage and distributed energy, and how close battery storage is to becoming the norm.

2. CleanSpark CEO Discusses Residential Microgrids — CleanSpark
Zachary Bradford, CEO and president of CleanSpark, sat down with Microgrid Knowledge to talk about the growth of residential microgrids and how the new administration can encourage faster consumer adoption rates.

3. Natural Gas Generators: Not Only Relevant but Critical to Microgrids — Generac
Generac’s Jamie Smith explores the importance of natural gas generators for today’s microgrids.

4. California’s First-of-a-Kind Microgrid for Wastewater Treatment — Veolia North America
Mike Byrnes, senior vice president of Veolia North America and CEO of SourceOne, Veolia’s energy consulting company, discusses an innovative California microgrid project bringing energy independence, greater resiliency and efficiency for Rialto’s wastewater treatment plant.

5. EVs Are a Disruptive Force. Smart Microgrids Are the Answer to Manage the Disruption — Siemens
Scott Kessler, head of microgrid strategy & sales at Siemens, describes electric vehicles (EVs) as classic disruptive technology and explains how microgrids manage the disruption.

6. How Microgrids Can Transform Hospital Energy Usage — Schneider Electric
Lance Haines, chief technology officer-microgrids at Schneider Electric, explains how microgrids improve hospital energy resiliency, efficiency and flexibility.

7. Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Microgrids — PowerSecure
Marshall Worth, senior project manager AI at PowerSecure, discusses artificial intelligence and a practical approach that microgrid customers can take today to achieve their energy goals of the future.

8. A Powerful Combination: Blending the Benefits of Renewables and Diesel in Microgrids — Volvo Penta
Darren Tasker, vice president of industrial sales at Volvo Penta of the Americas, discusses the benefits of blending renewable energy sources with diesel generators in a microgrid.

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9. Microgrid Costs: What Accelerates and What Inhibits a Microgrid Project? — Mesa Solutions
Tom Poteet, vice president of corporate development at Mesa Solutions, explores how microgrid costs can both drive and inhibit microgrid projects.

10. Developing a Greener Resilient Microgrid: Not Impossible, but Difficult — Concord Engineering
The industry is trying to create a greener resilient microgrid, but it’s not easy, as Concord Engineering’s Michael Boswell explains.

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