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Curious about what’s ahead for microgrids? Us too. So we’ve put together a 2016 microgrid survey to get a sense of the industry’s future.

Please give us 10 minutes (or less) to answer the questions. And in return we’ll be sure you are among the first to receive the tallied results.

The Microgrid Knowledge 2016 survey is complete, get the report.

The Microgrid Knowledge 2016 survey focuses on who’s installing microgrids, where and when, and what the industry sees as obstacles and drivers.

We bifurcated the questions to get insight into the thinking of:

  1. Energy industry insiders: Utilities, microgrid developers, technology companies, wholesale and retail energy suppliers, generation companies, policymakers and regulators, and others who work in energy.
  2. Energy users: Communities, commercial & industrial businesses, hospitals, colleges, schools, real estate developers, government agencies, the military, and others who are seen as likely candidates for microgrids.

Provide your email address at the end, and we’ll send you the results.

You’ll find the survey here.


The Microgrid Knowledge Team

For an even deeper analysis of the microgrid survey results, join the discussion at “NY & Beyond: Advancing Microgrids Nationally with Lessons Learned in New York,” May 19 in Manhattan.

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