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We conducted the Microgrid Knowledge survey to gauge market perceptions about the microgrid landscape and its players, markets, and policies. There were 244 responses from microgrid developers, utilities, large energy customers, policymakers, regulators, investors and others. Here are some of the topics we explore in the report.

The Microgrid Knowledge survey found electric reliability to be the number one reason customers install microgrids. Saving money came in close behind electric reliability as a motivator for microgrids.

The survey also reports on an industry that embraces utility participation -- and worries about utility participation. A whopping 79% of respondents said that utilities should be allowed to develop, own and operate microgrids. Yet a separate question placed utilities as the second biggest hindrance to microgrid development. In fact, utilities were listed as the second most popular answer to the survey question: What do you see as the biggest competitor to microgrids?

What’s not an issue? Technology. Microgrids are just beginning to emerge in the marketplace, but appear to be working just fine. Only 10 percent named technology as a hindrance to microgrid growth. (See a ranking of all 10 hindrances in the full report)

We also asked readers to tell us what brand they most associate with microgrids. Siemens topped the list. Schneider was second and ABB third.

The Microgrid Knowledge Survey 2016 is available for free.

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