New Microgrid Markets & Opportunities to be Highlighted at Upcoming Microgrid 2018

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What’s the word in the microgrid industry? New markets — and lots of them. And this is top of mind for Microgrid 2018 organizers. That’s why the largest of these up-and-coming microgrid markets will be highlighted in detail for attendees of the event in Chicago, May 7-9.

A confluence of drivers are coming together to push emerging microgrid markets. Think natural disasters like the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Southeast, as well as fires in the western U.S.

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And policies and incentives are pushing microgrid development, as well, including the $40 million NY Prize and California’s even bigger jackpot to commercialize microgrids. Funding for these projects are also gaining steam in states like Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Another factor is contributing, as well, to the widening growth and interest in microgrid development — utilities. These companies are beginning to see the value in microgrids, and model projects have already launched in Arizona, Ohio, Illinois and more.

At Microgrid 2018, organizers want to make sure that you are in the know about all of these emerging microgrid opportunities, and more, by the culmination of the three-day conference.

Want to get a feel for last year’s sold-out conference? Watch Microgrid Knowledge chief editor Elisa Wood interview Jayant Kumar, global digital grids program director at GE Grid Solutions, about how community microgrids have the power to change civilizations.

On top of gaining insight into where demand for microgrids is growing and what’s driving it, attendees of Microgrid 2018 will have access to expert speakers, panel discussions, workshops, tech forums, vendors and networking opportunities. On the last day of the conference, Microgrid 2018 will also feature tours of working microgrids.

The agenda is designed to help attendees target the latest microgrid opportunities across North America in sectors including commercial & industrial operations, utilities, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, data centers, colleges and universities, real estate developments, institutions government and military.

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Learn more, and register here for Microgrid 2018.

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