Microgrid Products Roundup: SCADA Systems, Smart Chargers & New Energy Storage Options

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January kicked off with new energy and microgrid products hitting the market from Russelectric, Enel X and Humless. The products range from power control systems that ensure remote monitoring capabilities to new, enhanced smart charging stations.

microgrid products

Enel X recently launched its next generation of smart EV charging stations.
(Photo: Enel X)

Here is a rundown of some of the latest energy and microgrid products:

Siemens’ Russelectric launches customized power control systems

In early January, Siemens’ Russelectric revealed its latest technology with the launch of customized supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The company explained the systems enable remote monitoring of all power system functions, allow customers to monitor system operation, acknowledge alarms, and review PLC setpoints and alarm history. All screens are custom-designed for each power control system.

Enhancements on the new SCADA system are available for added functionality, and customers can also choose whether to include an optional simulation system, which allows for off-line operator training without affecting any operating system parameters.

Enel X expands smart charging product line

Enel X introduced new offerings in its smart charging product line, which includes its flagship charger, the JuiceBox 40.

For the past five years, the company has seen success in the residential market with its home charging station, and now is growing its commercial presence with a new suite of chargers that come come with upgraded specifications. These include de facto open standards OCPP and OpenADR, built-in cable management and security lock, and easy Bluetooth setup, upgraded WiFi, according to Enel X, which recently added Gillette Stadium and Kraft Sports + Entertainment to its list of customers.

Humless introduces a new lithium iron phosphate battery to its energy storage lineup

Humless’ latest energy storage product — the 5 kW lithium iron phosphate 4,000 cycle battery — is a new addition to the company’s energy storage solutions for home and commercial use.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are being lauded in the industry for having fewer memory issues and being able to hold a change better than traditional lead-acid batteries.

“Two million California power customers were affected in 2019 by PG&E cutting electricity supply during high wind blackout periods,” said Glenn Jakins, CEO for Humless. “Electrical utilities in other states are following suit, negatively affecting the U.S. power grid’s reliability record. Our energy storage empowers consumers by reducing the threat of blackouts, helping the public take charge of their relationship with the utility.”

Stay tuned to Microgrid Knowledge for our monthly microgrid products roundup.

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