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Linear Generators Provide Reliability During Extended Outages

Microgrids are ideal solutions for businesses and organizations looking to keep the power on, particularly in California where increased wildfire risks are leading to a growing number of public safety power shutoffs. A new white paper from Mainspring Energy compares the economic and environmental impact of four different microgrid technology … [Read more...]

Linear Generators Fill Key Commercial and Utility Resource Gaps

Companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by integrating renewables into their distributed energy mix, which is driving the fuel-based distributed generation market to provide more flexible and dispatchable solutions. A new white paper from Mainspring Energy explores how linear generators can provide those flexible solutions for … [Read more...]

Introducing Linear Generators to the Rapidly Evolving DER Landscape

For the past 20 years, engines, turbines and fuel cells have been the primary technologies used by the fuel-based distributed generation (DG) market. But the push to renewables such as solar photovoltaics and battery energy storage in recent years is driving the market to provide more flexible and dispatchable DG solutions. Linear generators, which … [Read more...]

California Utility Tests Linear Generator to Reduce Diesel Use at Napa County Microgrid

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is deploying a 240-kW linear generator at a distribution system microgrid to see if the emerging technology can be used to reduce the use of diesel generators during emergencies or public safety power shutoffs (PSPS). Using an energy-as-a-sevice model, NextEra Energy Resources installed the linear … [Read more...]

Mainspring Raises $95 Million in Series D Financing for New Linear Generation Technology

California-based cleantech startup Mainspring Energy has raised $95 million in a Series D financing round led by the private equity firm Devonshire Investors. Mainspring Energy plans to use the funding to accelerate the delivery of linear generators that it uses in microgrids and commercial, industrial and utility applications. The company … [Read more...]

Microgrid Knowledge names Congressman Jimmy Panetta as ‘Microgrid Person of the Year 2021’

Microgrid Knowledge began choosing a person of the year in 2019, but we have yet to name an individual, instead making the award conceptual rather than personal, a convention Time magazine sometimes uses. Last year, for example, we chose the home microgrid and before that we selected the state of California. This year is different because … [Read more...]

US House Passes Microgrid Tax Credit. All Eyes on the Senate

The microgrid tax credit cleared the US House of Representatives in a Friday morning vote approving President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376). The 30% tax credit would apply to microgrid controllers for projects that begin construction before Jan. 1, 2027. It is part of a roughly $2 trillion plan that provides an array of … [Read more...]

How to Get Off the Electric Grid, Stabilize Cost & Increase Efficiency

 When a half dozen beneficial and complementary capabilities present themselves for optimal use all at once, it can be challenging to tell the story linearly. But for starters, here’s a candidate for a long title to this article: “How to get your commercial or industrial site completely off the electric grid by using prime power internal combustion … [Read more...]

The Intricate Act of Optimizing Your Microgrid

Bryan Knight, director of structured finance at PowerSecure, explains the challenges associated with creating an optimized microgrid and how to overcome them. Microgrids should be like a set of fingerprints, with no two being exactly alike. There are simply too many variables at play for a one-size-fits-all approach. Success is measured … [Read more...]

Cold Beer, Hot Shower — Off Grid in Virginia with All the Comforts

Alexis Zeigler describes Living Earth Farm, a conservationist-oriented community in rural Virginia where a DC microgrid provides reliable energy, fossil-fuel free. It's been a windy spring in the Mid-Atlantic. Our neighbors have lost power several times, including a multi-day outage that caused vexation and set the generators abuzz. I live … [Read more...]