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Microgrid 2021 Kicks Off with Expert Panel on Why Today’s Grid Makes Microgrids Necessary

Increasingly, the electric grid’s shortcomings are affecting businesses and other institutions, whether from power outages, rising costs or preferences for how electricity is made, according to a panel of microgrid experts who spoke today at Microgrid 2021: The World Awakens to Microgrids, an eight-day virtual conference hosted by Microgrid … [Read more...]

Renewable Microgrids, Distributed Power, Inverters and the Grid

A new white paper from Go Electric explores how a synchronous inverter can help the nation's electrical infrastructure accept power from a variety of inputs including distributed generation, smart grid initiatives and renewable microgrids. According to the authors, renewable energy sources typically produce less power in a more uncontrolled … [Read more...]

Register By May 17 to Attend Next Week’s Sessions at Microgrid 2021: The World Awakens to Microgrids

At Microgrid Knowledge, we like to say that microgrids are a technology on the side of angels. That might sound like hyperbole unless you are among those who have lost their electricity in dire circumstances. Consider what happened in October 2019 when the power went out in Humboldt County, California, leaving medical patients with no place … [Read more...]

Study Finds 570 Ideal Sites for Nanogrids and Microgrids in Kentucky

Kentucky has 558 ideal sites for nanogrids and a dozen potential sites for regional community microgrids, according to a state study that aims to spur microgrid development at critical facilities in response to the growing threat of power outages. The Kentucky Regional Microgrids for Resilience Study was designed to help utilities, local and state … [Read more...]

Commonwealth of Kentucky Regional Microgrids for Resilience Study

Floods, high winds, extreme cold / winter storms, tornadoes and other uncontrollable natural disasters threaten to disrupt the electrical system in Kentucky. Therefore, it is imperative to plan and design for operational flexibility. One strategy in light of these threats is the deployment of site-specific nanogrids1 and regional community … [Read more...]

Transforming Microgrids with Hydrogen

Utilizing hydrogen in microgrids can play a key role in overcoming many of the challenges with the traditional energy economy such as aging infrastructure, changing customer demands, evolving regulations, dwindling natural resources, and pressure to reduce carbon emissions. Download this whitepaper from Cummins that looks at transforming microgrids … [Read more...]

Generator Efficiency Optimization with Microgrids at Remote Sites

Remote generation powers sites around the world, but many of these sites are not optimized for generator efficiency or fuel savings. One way to do this is to maximize the efficiency of electrical energy generation. Time shifting can also be employed to reduce the amount of fuel needed to produce electrical energy. Both of these can be achieved with … [Read more...]

Why Is Digital Power so Important to Microgrids? Q&A with ETAP

Digital power yields numerous benefits in the electrical world, providing real-time information and advantages for power system design, intelligent energy storage, fast charging programs, smart cities and reliability. Tanuj Khandelwal, CTO of ETAP, explains that the move to digital power will be one of the main drivers pushing the microgrid … [Read more...]

Hybrid: The Future of Microgrids

Hybrid: The Future of Microgrids The hybrid system uses a combination of renewables and conventional reciprocating gen-sets (engine generators) to generate electricity. ComAp´s control system for hybrid applications enables you to use the best combination of renewables and diesel to save fuel and maximize your power system efficiency and … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Propane Generators for Hybrid Microgrids

A new white paper from the Propane Education and Research Council presents two case studies illustrating the benefits of using propane generators in hybrid microgrids. Today's microgrids typically consist of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, battery storage and a backup generator or backup fuel cell system. The backup generator or fuel cell … [Read more...]