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Bringing it Home 1: Residential Microgrids of the Future

Viewed not so long ago as futuristic, home microgrids and nanogrids are now beginning to emerge as homeowners grow increasingly concerned about energy reliability, cost and their environmental footprint. In this video, we look at projects and technologies for residential microgrids in a session designed to inform forward-looking home builders and … [Read more...]

How Far and How Fast Can Microgrids Grow over the Next Decade?

What’s driving microgrid growth? What technologies, business models and customer groups offer the most potential over the next decade? In this video, Elisa Wood, Editor in Chief of Microgrid Knowledge and Matt Roberts, Director of Strategic Growth and Government Affairs for Microgrid Knowledge, interview industry leaders and analysts about what … [Read more...]

The Green Energy Balancing Act: How Microgrids Steady the Scale

The world is looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gases and increase clean energy. Are the decarbonization and emissions goals being met to achieve the aggressive clean energy and climate targets? What stands in the way? Will intermittent resources like wind and solar jeopardize grid reliability? How can microgrids help? In this video, a panel of … [Read more...]

Microgrids as Sustainability Heroes

In this video, you'll hear the stories of three different microgrids that are helping their hosts reach sustainability or renewable energy goals. How can you employ a microgrid to do the same for you? Chris Ball of Bloom Energy discusses green and gold hydrogen microgrids. Norm Campbell of Go Electric shares insights on how remote microgrids can … [Read more...]

Crunching the Numbers of Microgrids

What are real microgrid costs and how much money can a microgrid save you? How do you make the financials work on these very complex projects so that everyone wins? In this video, a panel of experts looks at issues such as geographic cost differences, generation choices, controller sophistication and the financial benefits offered by wholesale … [Read more...]

How Microgrids Reduce Energy Costs

Microgrids not only reduce energy costs but can also earn revenue. In this video, we'll explore how three microgrids improved the energy economics for the facilities they serve. Bill Becker of ComAp shares insights on how the Willinga Park Hybrid microgrid reduces costs at the grid edge. Brian Curtis of Concentric Power and city manager Rene Mendez … [Read more...]

Energy Access Fund to Boost Development of Off-Grid Microgrids and Minigrids

A new energy access fund has been launched in a bid to promote and support the development of microgrids and other measures across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific. The Energy Access Relief Fund (EARF) is backed by a partnership of 16 governments, foundations and investors. Managed by Social Investment Managers and Advisors (SIMA), its … [Read more...]

How to Get More out of Microgrids: Overcoming the Challenges

As once in a lifetime weather events are becoming increasingly frequent, the value of nimble, distributed microgrid technology is skyrocketing. In this video, a panel of microgrid experts take a deep dive into key challenges that prevent society from capturing the full reliability benefits of microgrids, including market, technical and regulatory … [Read more...]

US’ Largest County — Los Angeles — Proposes Agency to Support Microgrids in a Large Swath of California 

The County of Los Angeles last week made an eye-opening proposal — a $41 million program that includes a regional microgrid agency to serve an area that encompasses roughly half of California’s population. The county hopes to do for microgrids what a similar initiative, Southern California Regional Energy Network County (SoCalREN), did for … [Read more...]

Introduction to Microgrids: 101 Workshop

For those in the early stages of researching microgrids, we offer a tutorial on microgrid technology, operations, and uses. Learn what a microgrid is, the spectrums of microgrid complexity, and what it takes to put a microgrid together. In this video, experts from Concord Engineering, S&C Electric and Siemens give you a microgrid 101 and … [Read more...]