Why Energy Is a Hot Topic In This Year’s Election Part 1

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Lisa Cohn Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast

Elisa Wood, author of the popular “Energy Efficiency Markets Blog,” discusses why energy is a hot topic in this year’s election. Elisa’s work has been picked up by Reuters, CNN, the New York Times and other national media. See her energy voter series on AOL Energy.



Why Energy Is a Hot Topic In This Year’s Election Part 1]

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  1. Hi Elisa
    Going through your links, I did not find anything on Increasing Natural Gas Energy Efficiency.
    America has yet to be educated about how efficiently natural gas can be consumed. This energy source is America’s source to Energy Independence and Energy Security.
    Natural gas can be consumed so efficiently that leaving the chimney going into the atmosphere can be COOL exhaust. Global warming?
    The US DOE states that for every million Btu’s of energy recovered from the waste exhaust gases of these natural gas appliances, and this recovered energy is utilized back in the building or facility, 118 lbs of CO2 will NOT be put into the atmosphere.
    Compare that to electricity.
    The DOE also states that if a 60 watt light bulb is left on for 24 hours, it will generate 3.3 lbs of CO2. In the building, how many light bulbs have to be changed or turned off HOURLY to keep up with the CO2 reduction happening hourly in the boiler room?
    And then there is the WATER that is being created during this heat recovery process. Clean distilled usable water.
    Lets talk Energy Efficiency.