How Utilities Can Be Microgrid Leaders

Microgrids are growing more flexible and scalable as digital control platforms become more sophisticated. The advancing technologies make it easier for utilities to use microgrids to integrate more diverse distributed energy resources (DER) into their grid networks. Microgrids also work well with distributed energy resources management systems … [Read more...]

Creating a Resilient, Renewable Grid: Six Challenges Every Utility Must Assess

As renewable energy penetration increases and distributed energy resources (DERs) and electric vehicles (EVs) are integrated into the grid, utilities must make fundamental changes to their grid operations. To address the challenges they face as they transition to a renewable grid, utilities need a road map in place that will help them balance a … [Read more...]

Utilities at the Forefront: Microgrids for Resilience, Customer Service, Cost Savings and Sustainability

This presentation takes a look at the rise of utility microgrids, and outlines case studies from California's largest utility and how a Chicago community and utility are joining forces to achieve energy goals. Utilities at the Forefront: Microgrids for Resilience, Customer Service, Cost Savings & Sustainability Moderator: Lola Infante … [Read more...]

Delivering Solutions for the Utility of the Future

The future grid and what tomorrow's utility companies look like will help define a region’s resilience, economic attractiveness, and capacity for population growth. Many companies like Burns are looking for solutions for creating and maintaining this future. By combining resilience, reliability, efficiency, return on investment … [Read more...]

Opportunities for Public Infrastructure Microgrids: Protecting our Critical Facilities

Local governments, military officials, university heads, utilities, water and waste facilities, as well as executives overseeing hospitals, transit, airports, and port authorities are exploring the feasibility of microgrids for their operations and seeking relevant examples to emulate. This microgrid guide, developed by Rima Oueid, a senior adviser … [Read more...]

Dawn of the Utility Microgrid: The Path to a Profitable Future

It is no secret to anyone in the utility industry that developments in technology and changing markets are transforming the traditional way of doing business and paving the way toward the dawn of the utility microgrid. There are several trends occurring in the industry that point specifically to the need for utilities to utilize generation assets … [Read more...]

Navigating Local Utility Requirements for Microgrids: Lessons from New York

Across the United States, cities and facilities with mission-critical energy requirements have begun a paramount shift from centralized energy generation to local, renewable, and flexible distributed energy resources. Distributed energy concepts like microgrids have become viable and sustainable energy strategies thanks to major technological … [Read more...]

Creating a 21st Century Utility Grid with DERMS and VPPs

Big changes are afoot in how electricity is produced and managed. We’re seeing a shift away from centralized power plants to a new model that features distributed energy — renewable resources, combined heat and power (CHP) and battery storage. And tools like Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are … [Read more...]

Integrated Distribution Management Systems

In this report, we present the architecture of an integrated electric distribution system management approach based on the coordinated operation of a DMS, MCs, DERMS, and DERs. The relevant DER group functions necessary to support the implementation of selected DMS applications, i.e., OLPF, VVO, FLISR, SCA and DR, are identified; and messages for … [Read more...]

Special Report on Fuel Cell Microgrids

Fuel cell microgrids are on the rise, the result of a natural pairing of two technologies-fuel cells and microgrids- that serve a mutual mission. Together, they meet today’s demand for energy that is cost-competitive, highly reliable, clean, quiet, contained, modular, scalable and community-friendly. Once futuristic, both technologies find … [Read more...]