How Microgrids Enable Optimal Cooperation Among Distributed Energy Resources

Many facility operators need increased resiliency, efficiently, and sustainability. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) like wind, PV and energy storage can address these needs. Yet also introduce many other challenges. To learn how microgrids can help you optimize the integration of these assets, download this white paper.

Design and Development of a Microgrid Control System

This paper presents a centralized microgrid control system for effective operation of wind turbines and diesel engines coupled to a flywheel electrical storage component on Saint Paul Island. The wind turbines have sufficient capacity to support the entire island without using the diesel engines. Download now to learn more.

U.S. Strategic Solar Photovoltaic-Powered Microgrid Deployment for Enhanced National Security

The U.S. electrical grid, the largest and most complex man-made system in the world, is highly vulnerable to three types of external threats: 1:)Natural disasters 2.) Intentional physical attacks 3.)Cyber-attacks. The technical community has recommended hardening the grid to make it more resilient to attack by using distributed generation and microgrids. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are an ideal distributed generation technology to provide power for such microgrids. To learn more about U.S. Strategic Solar Photovoltaic-Powered Microgrid download this white paper.

Evaluating business models for microgrids: Interactions of technology and policy

Policy makers are increasingly focused on strategies to decentralize the electricity grid. We analyze the business model for one mode of decentralization-microgrids-and quantify the economics for self-supply of electricity and thermal energy and explicitly resolve technological as well as policy variables. Download this white paper to learn more about evalutating business modesl for microgrids.

DC Coupled Solar Plus Storage

New cost-effective approaches of coupling energy storage to existing PV arrays with a DC-to-DC converter can help maximize production and profits for existing and new utility-scale installations. Six distinct solar plus storage use cases are discussed in this paper. To learn more download this guide.

Solar Plus Energy Storage

Solar is good, yet solar plus energy storage is great. However it is important to understand the options for adding energy storage if you want to maximize energy production and revenues from utility scale PV arrays. Download this white paper to learn more on finding the optimal system for adding energy storage.

Microgrid Energy Storage Beyond Four Hours

This paper aims to capture and foster current thinking on new and emerging use cases for microgrid energy storage, and in particular the growing need to combine energy and power applications into a single flexible and valuable long-duration storage asset.

Test & Implementation Framework for IEC 61850-based Microgrid Power Management Systems

IEC 61850 GOOSE messaging permits a high degree of flexibility in implementing new functions using existing Ethernet-based control systems. In this case, because the plant Ethernet system existed and was originally designed for protection-grade performance, adding the equipment and signal paths for the power management system was substantially less expensive than it might have been otherwise.

Protection, Control, Automation, and Integration for Off-Grid Solar-Powered Microgrids in Mexico

In 2012, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), the national Mexican electric utility, provided electric service to 98.11 percent of the country. However, rural communities in Mexico (mainly isolated indigenous communities) still lack electric service. Conventional electrification is neither practical nor affordable for these communities that are isolated and located far away from the electric grid. CFE launched the White Flag Program (Programa Bandera Blanca) with the objective of using renewable energy systems to provide electric service to these communities. To learn more download this white paper.