The Opportunity for Propane in Microgrid Backup Generators

Many microgrids consist of a solar PV system, battery storage, and a backup generator or back up fuel cell system. The backup generator or fuel cell system, run on hydrogen, natural gal, propane, diesel, gasoline, or other fuel sources, provides resilience for the microgrid. Propane is a low carbon fuel source that produces less soot than diesel … [Read more...]

How to Get Off the Electric Grid, Stabilize Cost & Increase Efficiency

 When a half dozen beneficial and complementary capabilities present themselves for optimal use all at once, it can be challenging to tell the story linearly. But for starters, here’s a candidate for a long title to this article: “How to get your commercial or industrial site completely off the electric grid by using prime power internal combustion … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Combining Solar and Storage in Microgrid Applications

Renewable energy has evolved and expanded significantly over the last two decades into a force in both the environment and the economy, but such gains have not been without its fair share of growing pains. Despite exponential growth, the solar energy and solar and storage market is now faced with a new set of challenges. Energy storage can be a … [Read more...]

Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry

Solar energy has the ability to provide immense benefit to society and the grid, reducing the use of fossil fuels that drive climate change. But solar’s full potential isn’t being fully realized and, in some cases, is even thwarted.  What’s the problem?  Solar alone isn’t always controllable or predictable. It lacks the newest technologies … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Microgrids: Combining Multiple Power Sources for Maximum Efficiency and Uptime

This white paper in an introduction to microgrids where you will learn how to combine multiple power sources into a microgrid. Demand for decentralized energy sources that don’t rely on the traditional power grid, from solar cells to combined heat and power plants, continues to grow. At the same time, advancements in digitalization have already … [Read more...]

Reliable and affordable power that enables substantial energy savings for an industrial site

In 2016, ABB installed an integrated solar PV– diesel-battery microgrid at its Longmeadow facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. This integrates multiple energy sources and battery based stabilization technology within a smart control system that facilitates the seamless transition between grid-connected and islanded modes without any disruption … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from Installing Battery Energy Into an Existing PV Array

This white paper from Alencon explores why retrofitting battery energy into existing PV arrays makes sense and what some of the challenges to overcome in doing so are, as explained by a major utility with real experience in this area. Solar plus storage. If you are in the energy business, not just the alternative energy business, it is a … [Read more...]

Variable Speed Diesel

Off-grid system operators are increasingly turning to wind and solar generation to lower their diesel fuel consumption. Unfortunately, they quickly hit a technical barrier, with the operability of conventional diesel generation constraining the possible renewable energy penetration. In response, system owners and operators have driven renewed … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Energy Storage in a Microgrid

In this paper, new voltage sensitivity indexes are proposed which can help you optimize energy storage in your microgrid. These indexes are derived from the inverse Jacobian matrix from the Newton-Raphson power flow analysis. After calculating and evaluating these indexes for the studied microgrid, four candidates‘ buses are selected. To verify … [Read more...]

Microgrid Solutions Sustain Energy Supply – Even when the Grid is Off

Microgrid projects are integral to initiatives that aim to strengthen the economy, save lives during natural disasters, and make our energy supply more sustainable and our electrical power more secure. Microgrids increasing support more reliable, efficient and safe power for critical infrastructure in military, utility, healthcare, government, … [Read more...]