Smart, Clean Neighborhood Grids: Redesigning Our Electric System To Help Communities Power Through Blackouts

A global electricity trend towards clean, resilient and renewable distributed power is underway. This trend is driven by the increased threat of climate change, increasingly old and costly utility infrastructure, and the advent of new software and hardware that enable an affordable, distributed energy future. As customers adopt energy saving and … [Read more...]

Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage

The nation has steadily improved its ability to respond to major disasters and the power outages that often result. But increasing threats—whether severe natural disasters, cyber-physical attacks, electromagnetic events, or some combination—present new challenges for protecting the national power grid and recovering quickly from a catastrophic … [Read more...]

Enabling a Clean Energy Future for Canada’s Remote Communities

Reliable, cost-effective and efficient clean energy supply for Canada’s remote communities is a challenge gaining increased attention from global, federal and provincial leaders. Centralized electrical grids do not currently reach many remote communities in Canada. As a result, 257 of Canada’s 292 remote off-grid communities are electrified by … [Read more...]