Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage

This report seeks to address catastrophic power outages in two overarching ways: 1) design a national approach for catastrophic power outages that provides the guidance and incentives needed to take action across all levels of government and industry and down to communities and individuals; and 2) improve our understanding of how cascading failures across critical infrastructure will impact restoration and survival, enabling us to identify further actions needed to mitigate these failures.. To learn more download this report.

Enabling a Clean Energy Future for Canada’s Remote Communities

Reliable, cost-effective and efficient clean energy supply for Canada’s remote communities is a challenge gaining increased attention from global, federal and provincial leaders. Centralized electrical grids do not currently reach many remote communities in Canada. As a result, 257 of Canada’s 292 remote off-grid communities are electrified by diesel generators1, for which fuel is delivered by air, […]