Without Digital There Will be No Energy Transition

energy transition

By now, most of us have settled into the idea of an energy transition. We all know that we need to move away from fossil fuels and towards a sustainable energy future. And that part of this energy transition process will be working out how to navigate our way through the changes to rebuild our current global energy systems. Get the full report from Advisian, as the company explores digitization as the key to a successful transition. 

Capturing the Full Value of Renewable Energy for Business in ERCOT

Renewable Energy

Today’s smart businesses are seeking ways to green their electric supply and leverage the increasingly favorable prices of renewable energy. Download the new paper from NRG that examines challenges within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and offers insight into an opportunity emerging out of the changing market and a simplified way to capture it, calibrated to various levels of risk tolerance. 

A Novel, Renewable Energy Microgrid for a California Healthcare Facility

The California Energy Commission awarded a $4.78M grant to Charge Bliss, Inc. through PON- 14-301 to design, engineer, build, and operate the first renewable energy microgrid for a hospital in California at the Kaiser Permanente facility in Richmond, California. To learn more download this paper.

City of Berkeley Microgrid

berkeley microgrid

Download this case study to lean how the City of Berkeley designed a replicable, clean energy microgrid community in a dense urban area that contributes to both safety and sustainability.

Variable Speed Diesel

Off-grid system operators are increasingly turning to wind and solar generation to lower their diesel fuel consumption. Unfortunately, they quickly hit a technical barrier, with the operability of conventional diesel generation constraining the possible renewable energy penetration. To learn more download this white paper.

The Rise of Clean Energy Microgrids & Why They Make Sense

clean energy microgrid

All microgrids offer greater electric reliability. But the clean energy microgrid does more. It also reduces carbon emissions and helps organizations reach sustainability goals. Download the new report from Microgrid Knowledge that covers why clean energy microgrids make sense for hospitals, higher education institutions, military and government, and businesses.

How Microgrids Enable Optimal Cooperation Among Distributed Energy Resources

Many facility operators need increased resiliency, efficiently, and sustainability. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) like wind, PV and energy storage can address these needs. Yet also introduce many other challenges. To learn how microgrids can help you optimize the integration of these assets, download this white paper.

Microgrid Knowledge Guide to Gas Turbine Microgrids

gas turbine microgrid

In this guide, “The Gas Turbine Microgrid: Reliability and Sustainability through Intelligence,” we look at several ways gas turbines contribute to the intelligent functioning of microgrids. We describe how they act as the backbone or anchor for system efficiency, particularly when paired with renewable energy. To Learn More about the value of gas turbine microgrids download this guide.

Microgrids: New Technology, Old Challenges

The opportunities and benefits that microgrids offer their project owners include:

• Increased penetration and impact of renewable energy sources;
• Experience with new DER and control technologies and business models; and
• Additional electric system resiliency and availability.