Biogas Microgrid

Butler farms microgrid

This report explores how Butler Farms installed lagoon covers for animal waste to not only reduce odors and eliminate rainwater ingress, but also to capture biogas to utilize as a renewable energy resource. Download the report to learn more about how PowerSecure manufactured custom enclosures, and packaged and installed the individual Butler Farms microgrid components into a fully functioning battery storage system and separate controller.

Mini-grids: Renewable, Resilient and Reliable electric systems

This report details how the integrated power system could look after the full implementation of the proposed plan, when outdated equipment not compliant with the federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards has been retired and replaced by renewable generation supported by storage. Download this report to learn more.

Global Microgrid Tour: All Signs Point to Australia

global microgrid

Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, offers a global snapshot of microgrid development trends, then zeros in on Australia as the current hotspot for smart integration of distributed energy resources. Why Australia? Learn about innovative microgrids, virtual power plants and transactive energy deployments, as well as leading companies looking to export their expertise from down under to the rest of the world.

Microgrid Evolution Fuels Smarter Energy Management

energy management

Electrical power is essential. Our homes, businesses, healthcare, community infrastructure and educational institutions all rely on power. Yet, due to an aging infrastructure and increasing demand, our electrical grid is not as reliable or resilient as we need. Download this white paper to learn more about smart energy alternatives.

How to Optimize Energy Storage in a Microgrid

In this paper, new voltage sensitivity indexes are proposed to search and evaluate the candidate buses in a microgrid, where the energy storage systems can be installed to contribute most effectively to the system. To learn more about optimized energy storage in a microgrid download this white paper.

Microgrid Solutions Sustain Energy Supply – Even when the Grid is Off

island a microgrid

Microgrid are integral to initiatives that aim to strengthen the economy, save lives during natural disasters, and make our energy supply more sustainable and our electrical power more secure. Microgrids increasing support more reliable, efficient and safe power for critical infrastructure. To learn more download this white paper.