Will COVID-19 Impact Microgrid Policy Progress?

microgrid policy

From smart city programs to state incentives to federal infrastructure proposals, government entities are exploring changes that lend themselves to microgrid development. Will economic fallout from COVID-19 hasten or delay these programs? What’s next?

How Reshaping Regulation Will Reshape the Grid


The electric utility industry needs new regulatory models, so utilities can be profitable while they oversee a transformation to the grid of the future. This transition will require considerable investment, but it will also create efficiencies and deliver a much broader suite of services to customers. Download the latest white paper from S&C electric, in which its regulatory team lays out what it believes to be the most likely road regulatory bodies will follow to enact these changes.

Electrification Futures Study

This report is one in a series of Electrification Futures Study (EFS) publications. The EFS is a multi-year research project to explore potential widespread electrification in the future energy system of the United States. To learn more download the full report.

The Value of Energy Tax Incentives for Different Types of Energy Resources

The U.S. tax code supports the energy sector by providing a number of targeted energy tax incentives, or energy tax incentives available only for the energy industry. Some policymakers have expressed interest in understanding how energy tax benefits are distributed across different domestic energy resources. For example, what percentage of energy-related tax benefits support fossil fuels (or support renewables)? How much domestic energy is produced using fossil fuels (or produced using renewables)? And how do these figures compare? Download this report to find out more.

Climate Auctions – A Market-Based Approach to National Climate Action

This brief explores why climate auctions are an effective tool for achieving climate outcomes, focusing on how developing country policymakers can utilize auctions to accelerate NDC implementation and raise climate ambition. It then
outlines how climate auctions work and where they are most effective in achieving climate outcomes.

Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage

This report seeks to address catastrophic power outages in two overarching ways: 1) design a national approach for catastrophic power outages that provides the guidance and incentives needed to take action across all levels of government and industry and down to communities and individuals; and 2) improve our understanding of how cascading failures across critical infrastructure will impact restoration and survival, enabling us to identify further actions needed to mitigate these failures.. To learn more download this report.