Here you will find a series of microgrid reports and research from the editorial team of Microgrid Knowledge. These microgrid reports are available for free download.

Building a Better Microgrid with Hardware in the Loop

hardware-in-the-loop testing

The electric power grid is undergoing one of the most fundamental changes since its inception over a century ago. And if the aim of a decentralized and digitalized grid is reliability and resilience, the digital tools used to design, test and integrate the components to achieve that end are of utmost importance. Download the new Microgrid Knowledge report, courtesy of Typhoon HIL, to learn more about how new tools and processes like Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing and Model Based Engineering (MBE) can pave the way to a better microgrid.

The Financial Decision-Makers Guide to Energy-as-a-Service Microgrids

A new energy-as-a-service (EaaS) model has emerged that simplifies microgrid development and ownership for organizations. EaaS relieves the microgrid host from operational and financial risk—but guarantees them the benefits. A new special report from Microgrid Knowledge and Schneider Electric explores in detail the new model for energy-as-a-service microgrids.

The Evolution of Distributed Energy Resources

This report makes plain the complexities involved in capturing DER benefits. Some of the most significant advantages occur within wholesale energy market transactions, a complex arena best pursued with guidance from experts in the space. Download “The Evolution of Distributed Energy Resources: What the Rise of Local Energy Means for Businesses, Institutions and Communities,” special report today — timely, given the pace of change in energy technology and lack of knowledge among energy users about new possibilities.

Creating a 21st Century Utility Grid with DERMS and VPPs


Big changes are afoot in how electricity is produced and managed. We’re seeing a shift away from centralized power plants to a new model that features distributed energy. One way for utilities to address the challenges that arise from this shift is by taking advantage of Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). Download the new Microgrid Knowledge Special Report, brought to you by Enbala, that identifies distributed energy resource challenges and explains how DERMS and VPPs address them.

The Affordable Microgrid: Securing Electric Reliability through Outsourcing

microgrids in texas

Microgrids are local power generation resources that may be coupled with storage and controllers supplying power to a facility when the grid is down or unstable. However, some businesses and institutions find the upfront cost and operational complexities too daunting to go at it alone. Download the new Microgrid Knowledge Special Report, courtesy of Enchanted Rock, to learn more about the affordable microgrid and how outsourcing is making microgrids more accessible.

Microgrid Cybersecurity: Protecting and Building the Grid of the Future

Microgrid Controller

North America was pummeled this year with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. As devastating as these events were, none compare to the threat of a major cyber attack on the American electrical utility grid. Download the new report from Microgrid Knowledge, courtesy of S&C Electric Co., that explores the threat of cyber attacks and why microgrid cybersecurity is crucial to the grid of the future.

The Rise of Clean Energy Microgrids & Why They Make Sense

clean energy microgrid

All microgrids offer greater electric reliability. But the clean energy microgrid does more. It also reduces carbon emissions and helps organizations reach sustainability goals. Download the new report from Microgrid Knowledge that covers why clean energy microgrids make sense for hospitals, higher education institutions, military and government, and businesses.

Microgrid Knowledge Special Report on Healthcare Microgrids

healthcare microgrids

The senior population is on a path to double in the U.S, and even triple in Europe. This creates pressure to expand hospitals, healthcare networks, assisted living facilities, adult day care and nursing homes. Learn how a microgrid makes these facilities more resilient and valuable to the communities they serve along with no money down strategies. Download this special report now.

Microgrid Policy Guide

Microgrid Development

This guide serves energy users, campuses and others who are contemplating microgrid installations – or already participate in a microgrid – and want to understand how policy can enhance microgrid capabilities. Download this guide for more information on fostering deeper discussion about microgrids.

Special Report on Fuel Cell Microgrids

long duration energy storage

This special report written by the editors of Microgrid Knowledge explores why fuel cell microgrids are on the rise, how they save energy cost, and improve electrical reliability. Get your copy.