Low Inertia Microgrid Fault Stability and Protection Considerations

microgrid fault stability

 In planning for distributed energy resources (DER) in a microgrid, careful consideration must be taken to ensure the DER and microgrid are resilient during both grid-connected and islanded operation. Microgrid fault stability is  top of mind.  There are many factors considered in the design of a microgrid, including the size of an existing DER, or […]

Resiliency Microgrids — Enabling Cost-Effective Solutions to Both Mitigate Outages from Wildfire and Extreme Weather Risks

modular microgrids

Modular, low cost microgrids can provide long-duration resiliency services to host customer sites while helping integrate variable renewable energy supplies at the grid operations level. Can a similar approach be applied to other markets, such as California, which has faced several long duration outages over the last three years? Get the new Navigant report to explore the potential.

Microgrid 360: A Gold Standard for Microgrids

microgrid 360

This paper explain the critical steps in the Microgrid 360 planning process and the importance of using empirical evidence collected from many microgrids on a daily basis to feed back into the design process.

Driving Resiliency Through Your Organization’s Energy Infrastructure

energy infrastructure

Leaders in large corporations, government agencies, and other organizations face numerous challenges in running their day-to-day operations. For them, energy – the lifeblood of many organizations – has historically been seen as reliable, and occasional power outages considered an inevitable cost of doing business. However, these same organizations are starting to view energy and the associated risks and opportunities in a new light as power outages continue to impact their organizations and as new energy innovations make it to market. Download this new white paper from Ameresco that explores ways in which government agencies, companies, and other organizations can leverage their energy infrastructure to minimize the adverse impacts of major events – in other words, become more resilient.

Biogas Microgrid

Butler farms microgrid

This report explores how Butler Farms installed lagoon covers for animal waste to not only reduce odors and eliminate rainwater ingress, but also to capture biogas to utilize as a renewable energy resource. Download the report to learn more about how PowerSecure manufactured custom enclosures, and packaged and installed the individual Butler Farms microgrid components into a fully functioning battery storage system and separate controller.

Building a Better Microgrid with Hardware in the Loop

hardware-in-the-loop testing

The electric power grid is undergoing one of the most fundamental changes since its inception over a century ago. And if the aim of a decentralized and digitalized grid is reliability and resilience, the digital tools used to design, test and integrate the components to achieve that end are of utmost importance. Download the new Microgrid Knowledge report, courtesy of Typhoon HIL, to learn more about how new tools and processes like Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing and Model Based Engineering (MBE) can pave the way to a better microgrid.

How to Build a Microgrid

building microgrids

Even if you have defined some of your microgrid needs, it can be easy to overlook the details. Missing these details can result in increased costs and project delays. This handbook from S&C Electric is designed to provide industry best practices and help you avoid common mistakes when building microgrids.

How to Build a Microgrid in a Day

Stone Edge Farm Microgrid

Microgrids are often built as customized, one-off projects. Concern exists that the industry cannot scale under this model, and prices will remain out of reach for many smaller facilities, such as farms. At Microgrid 2018 in Chicago, Craig Wooster, project manager and general contractor for the Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid Project, unveiled a new microgrid system that overcomes this problem and can be largely installed in a day.

The Shedd Aquarium: A Sustainability Mission & Microgrid Journey

Shedd Aquarium

During a presentation at Microgrid 2018, Bob Wengel, vice president of facilities at Shedd Aquarium, which is home to 32,500 animals and 1,500 different species, walked the audience through the ins and outs of the facility’s microgrid and energy plant.

Smart Energy Infrastructure: Enabling a Grid of Microgrids

smart energy infrastructure

The foundation of a smart city is smart energy infrastructure, representing the interconnection of microgrids working together to improve system resilience, reduce costs and enable a low- to no-carbon future. Download the new white paper from Burns & McDonnell that explores how energy infrastructure is enabling a gird of microgrids and changing the energy landscape.