Debunking Myths About Tier 4 Final Diesel Engines

diesel generators

Many microgrid operators and others in the market that rely on diesel generators for standby power have questions about the overall benefits and the emissions of Tier 4 Final compliant diesel engines. A new white paper from Volvo Penta debunks some of the most common myths about Tier 4 Final diesel engines by presenting data on Volvo Penta’s solution.

The Role of Firming Generation in Microgrids

Firm Generation

Microgrids are ideal solutions for businesses and organizations looking to keep the power on, even when the grid goes down. A new white paper from Mainspring Energy compares the economic and environmental impact of four different microgrid technology solutions.

How Microgrids Save Schools Money

Campus Microgrids

Utility costs make up a large percentage of a school or university’s spending budget. A new white paper from Mesa Solutions outlines the economic benefits that campus microgrids can deliver to schools and universities.

5 Steps to Develop Microgrids Easier, Faster and at Less Cost

microgrid developers, hardware, integration

To help avoid the pain points that can wreck the financial and operational assumptions for a project and turn a win-win into a lose-lose for developers and their customers, Microgrid Knowledge has prepared this five-part special report, a microgrid developers guide, made available for free download, courtesy of Siemens.

How Hardware in the Loop Addresses Challenges of Microgrid System Integration

hardware in the loop microgrid system integration microgrid controller

Microgrids play a key role in transforming the energy landscape, but Microgrid projects face several technical challenges that can impact cost and schedule performance. Get the new special report on how Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing and model-based engineering techniques provide an effective way to address those challenges, courtesy of Typhoon HIL.

High Reliability Microgrids for an Uncertain Future

high reliability microgrids

In uncertain times, there is a need for high reliability microgrids. Calculating reliability involves understanding the risks and consequences of outages. In this white paper, PowerSecure illustrates how data collected over time improved the reliability of their microgrids from 95% to 98.7%.

The Opportunity for Propane in Microgrid Backup Generators

In their new report, the Propane Education and Research Council explain the opportunities for propane in microgrids. Propane is a low carbon fuel source that produces less soot than diesel and can help achieve emissions goals without any additional costs to the customer.